Mavado labels Bounty Killer’s diss songs ‘garbage,’ says he is not on his level

Mavado has responded to lyrical shots fired at him by Alliance leader and long-time mentor, Bounty Killer, saying Killer's songs were weak and he needs to try harder to get his attention.

Mavado has responded to lyrical shots fired at him by Alliance leader and long-time mentor, Bounty Killer, saying Killer’s songs were weak and he needs to try harder to get his attention.

by Jodee Brown

Dancehall superstar, Mavado has thrown fuel on the fiery relationship between him and long-time mentor, Bounty Killer, saying the legendary deejay is not on his level in response to a pair of diss songs released by the ‘Grung Gaad’ in the last week, in which he finally broke his silence on his feelings towards the ‘Gully Gaad.’

Killer released the lyrically sharpshooting song, Death Work last week in which he called Mavado a sell out since signing with We The Best Music Group. A follow up single released Monday titled, A Who also showcased dismissiveness towards Mavado, claiming he has been ungrateful for far too long.

Mavado finally responded to Bounty Killer’s taunts on Tuesday, but told ZIP FM that he does not plan to respond to either song because Bounty’s diss tracks were weak.

“Those are not songs, those are garbage,” he said. “That’s no music. Them songs deh?Which part dem a go? Dem not even a go cross the airport so why should I even listen to them. I won’t even give them the time of day. I don’t have to call anybody name to be on top. I’m always on top. They are the ones that always have to be calling David Brooks name to create a hype or a buzz for their career. I don’t have time for that.”

Mavado also laid down a challenge to Bounty and anyone else who wants to challenge him bar for bar.

“If a artist feel as if him wan fi deh inna lyrical confrontation wid me, you haffi up to mi standard and everything right now,” he said. “Yuh cyaah come deejay garbage and feel like yuh can go up against Gully Gaad. That’s garbage. That’s nothing.”

The two have been at odds, on and off, since the fatal shooting of Mavado’s cousin, Conroy’ Connie’ Edwards at Bounty Killer birthday party in June 2011. Mavado has long been accused of throwing subliminal disses Bounty’s way in songs like Dem a Try Style Man and Pon Di Gully.

IRIE FM and ZIP FM CEO, aged 27, dies from illness

Chad Young, the CEO of Jamaican radio stations, IRIE FM and ZIP FM, has died at the age of Jodee Brown

The Jamaican media industry has suffered a stunning blow as Chad Young, the CEO and managing director of popular radio stations, IRIE FM and ZIP FM has died at the tender age of 27.

Young was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon at his St. Ann home following a brief illness, though no official cause of death has been given. The two sister stations released a joint statement late Thursday confirming his passing.

“Chad was loved and respected for his happy nature, affableness and down to earth personality,” the statement read, in part. “The family of Mr. Young and the Management and staff of IRIE FM and ZIP 103 FM are grateful for the outpouring of affection and promise to carry that with them as they grow from strength to strength.”

Chad Young took over ownership of Grove Broadcasting Company, the parent company of IRIE FM and ZIP FM in 2010 following the death of his father and long-time owner, Karl Young. Under his stewardship, both stations became the first in Jamaica to have mobile apps and built ZIP into one of the country’s most popular stations with its more new-age brand of thinking.

He was described in the statement as ‘innovative,’ and ‘cutting edge’ with his work.