Raine Seville ‘Mad Dem’ with new video, accuses Bugle of ruining her reputation

Raine Seville's Mad Dem has attained much buzz since its release on September 14, particularly for Raine's edgy style and content on display

Raine Seville’s Mad Dem has attained much buzz since its release on September 14, particularly for Raine’s edgy style and content on display

by Jodee Brown

Popular Dancehall diva, Raine Seville has hit out against her baby’s father and fellow artist, Bugle following recent speculation that Bugle’s chart-topping single, Nuh Compatible was aimed at her following their split.

Earlier this month, Raine unveiled the official video for her single, Mad Dem which reportedly was a counteraction to Nuh Compatible. In the single, she deejays, “See the body ya wey man comfortable, no lame man wey nuh compatible, from yu get a touch offa dis yu cudda wild like animal, mi know sey yuh have to settle.”

According to Raine in an interview with the Jamaica STAR, she did the song to show she is equipped with the looks and confidence to win over any man.

“I have a body that will make a man stay,” she said.“Persons that are saying that Raine is not compatible, that is a big misconception.”

As for her relationship with Bugle, the father of her nearly three-year-old daughter, they maintain a cordial accord for the sake of their child, but insists they are not friends, even accusing him of trying to ruin her image.

“We have a good ‘parenting’ relationship,” she said.“With all the negative energy that he is using right now to tarnish my reputation, I wish he had used the same energy to help my career for the 10 years that we were together.”

According to Raine Seville, the video has been garnering positive responses in the few weeks since its debut. The video, directed by Rawtid TV shows Raine in a more provocative, racy light, contrary to videos she has done in the past.

“The video has been receiving great reviews, it’s been a year since I have done a video so this is just a great way to show my fans just how much I have grown and become confident in my work,” she said.

This is one of several single Raine has released since the turn of the year, including You Choose andKhaki, which she sang alongside Dancehall superstar, Beenie Man as well as Sekkle Down Bodyalongside Konshens, which featured a racy set of promotional pictures leading up to its release.