Steele nomination for a JUNO award 2012

Steele, dubbed as the “Canadian reggae sensation”, says he has already started to receive the blessing the almighty has promised him for this year.The artist has now been nomination for a JUNO award in the “best reggae recording” category.

“I’m truly honored to be a nominee for this yearsJUNO, to me it represents another step in the right direction towards getting reggae to the forefront in Canada. While receiving an award or even a nomination is always good, as an artist I cannot loose focus, it is always important to remain humble and acknowledge the fact that the people are the real stars, they have the power to make you or break you. No award can keep you on top, only the people can”. Says Steele.

Steele’s nominated song entitled “Woman”, is written by him and produced by Taddy P. Vocals for the track was recorded at Reflex studio in Toronto.

In recent times, Steele has been unleashing many infectious songs, so this nomination seams to be the natural progression leading up to his forth studio CD scheduled to drop this summer.