Prominent Jamaican author, Belle Angel releases new book about Michael Jackson

Jamaican author, Dorcas Bennett aka Belle Angel has revealed a fascinating new book dedicated to former mentor, the late great Michael Jackson, dubbed 'Michael Jackson Seven Even'.

Jamaican author, Dorcas Bennett aka Belle Angel has revealed a fascinating new book dedicated to former mentor, the late great Michael Jackson, dubbed ‘Michael Jackson Seven Even’.

by Jodee Brown

Wholesomely proud and humbled to be under the tutelage of legendary singer, the late, great Michael Jackson,accomplished Jamaican author and actress Dorcas M. Bennett aka Belle Angel is dedicated to properly honoring the King of Pop by releasing an illustrated book documenting his spoken words in a letter and quotes.

Michael Jackson Seven Even is a book created to honor the iconic musician’s life, illustrated by Brazilian illustrator Queila De Aguiar, with the cover designed byChristina Meckel. The concept of this book came to Belle in a dream where Michael told her that she was not alone and he will guide her to compile this book from his personal voice to the world. While Jackson was alive, he had encouraged her to be bold and creative in her written art. He explained that bravery is needed as a creator and told her to never write about a perfect world but instead to speak of life as is and always tell the truth regardless.

In the book, Belle Angel shares a love letter, Michael Jackson wrote a few months before his untimely passing. However, she will never reveal whom the love letter was written nor its purpose as to protect the privacy of the recipient. According to Belle, this personal letter that is sentimental and truthful and doesn’t want the book to lead to a ‘media frenzy’ and sensationalism. “The inclusion is only being published as a part of Mr. Jackson’s legacy to be preserved and uphold respectfully,” she states. “MJ was a great man and father, he loved and cherished his fans, and he was extremely nice to all of us.”

Each illustration in Michael Jackson Seven Even tells a HIS and HER story. It reads like a Romeo and Juliet or a modern day version of Adam and Eve. The drawings and dialogue convey Love~Lives~Forever, which depicts Boy meets Girl, how they separate by time and distance, priorities and orders, highs and lows, then his “woe” that drives her to suicide.

Jackson was aware of Belle’s natural gift as a medium, where she possesses the innate spiritual ability to receive pertinent messages from the dead. In a way Michael Jackson: Seven Even allows people to see this gift play out as MJ’s passion and love for all plays out through her writings. She insists the storyline behind this book is not embedded with morbidity, intimating that it is, “actually a book about true love and devotion.”

This newly-released book is a must read for open-minded people who value love and self-worth at all costs and will surely do justice to a man who’s life’s work was based on such values. It’s sure to stir minds and gauge strong reaction.

Meanwhile, Belle continues to act and recently did a cameo on the TV Show, The Neighbors alongsidecelebrity talk show host,Wendy Williams. She also appeared on Criminal Minds as a Baltimore FBI Agent, The new TV show, Intelligence as an agent and will be seen on the ABC series, Pretty Little Liars as a police officer.

She also is starring in the commercial for Tecate, a Mexican beer, which will air in México and on the internet. She will also make a cameos in the 2014 flick, A Many Splintered Things with Chris Evans from the Avengers and is working on a cameo in the upcoming, Reese Witherspoon produced movie, Gone Girl featuring Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry.

She hopes to star in her own TV show and movie soon and will put her abilities as a medium to the test on the Psychic Phenomenal episode of The History Channel’s Numbers Game show.

Additionally, she will pilot a new beauty contest, The Miss Belle Angel Contest, which searches for a ‘Goddess’ possession a pretty face, strong work ethic, sparkling personality and a body to match. This contest is a makeup for the postponement of her Miss Caribbean USA beauty pageant due to the sudden passing of her grandmother, Doris Moody.

For more details or to purchase Michael Jackson Seven Even, please visit the author’s website