Demarco blasts critics of ‘Ride’ video, axed from Youth View Awards

Demarco, known for singles such as 'I Love My Life,' and 'Fallen Soldiers,' is facing backlash from the release of a controversial new video for his single, 'Ride.'by Jodee Brown

Popular Dancehall artist, Demarco has been dropped from the upcoming Youth View Awards days after releasing a controversial video for his single, Ride,which consists of strong sexual content throughout.

Reports Wednesday say organizers of the award show, set to take place Feb. 1 at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston, made the move to drop Demarco from their performance lineup. No definitive reason was given for the move by organizers

Released on Monday, the video for Ride showsDemarco engaging in sexual acts with two naked women wearing disguises. One of the women appears to simulate oral sex on the deejay and get on top of him during the five-plus minute long video, while the ladies engage in sex acts on each other. You can watch the full video here.

The video, given its nature, was mainly uploaded to other video sharing sites, instead of YouTube, which is known to be stringent in its rules against depicting videos of a sexual nature. Social media has been rife with criticisms on the visuals, with some likening the video to softcore porn.

Frustrated with the negative backlash, Demarcoissued a scathing statement Wednesday, firing back at critics.

“Amidst all the tattering (which is much ado about nothing), it is important to note that my video is intended for mature audiences only,” he said. “This is explicitly stated at the beginning of the visuals, which contain nothing most ‘mature’ individuals have not seen or been exposed to in their lifetime. As a further precautionary measure, the video was never released via any of my official outlets (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), but unfortunately perpetuated to social media platforms by overzealous individuals.”

He continued, “The focus that is being thrust upon this video should be given to matters such as the disenfranchised youths of this country, the rising rate of unemployment, lack of proper infrastructure for our children to learn, squatting, the crime epidemic, among other social issues.”

Demarco also pointed to his charitable initiatives, including the donation of school supplies to children in Jamaica and Kenya, as well as another single he is promoting, It’s Not Right, which talks about various atrocities committed against children worldwide. According to the artist, local media chose to ignore that and all his other positive deeds, stressing that there are bigger priorities they need to focus on.

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