Sampaloo shoots video for new single, ‘Only Jah Know’

Sampaloo chills out during his video shoot for his new single, 'Only Jah Know,' set for release soon.

Sampaloo chills out during his video shoot for his new single, ‘Only Jah Know,’ set for release soon.

by Jodee Brown

Montreal, Canada’s versatile Jamaican entertainer Sampaloo finished filming the music video for his unreleased track Only Jah Know from an upcoming Tenament Yard RecordsProduction. Sampaloo was first invited to voice with Tenament Yard Records last year during the production of the popular reggae rhythm Moonlight, in which he recorded his well received song JourneyTenament Yard Records is a Jamaican label spearheaded by Drezion, musical director and lead keyboardist of the Morgan Heritage Band.

The video was shot throughout the park of Mont-Royalcapturing both the natural beauty and urban aspects of one of Canada’s great cities. The video is touching and full of meaning featuring a storyline to which everyone can relate. The video was directed by Reeva Ann Proctor as well as Jonathan Levert of Image Nomade Productions (A French Canadian Film Company) who was also in charge of filming the video. Sampaloo usedImage Nomade Productions for his Roll Out video shoot as well in Summer of 2012.

When Sampaloo was explaining the video to a German fan at the park he said, ”My team and I really made sure that the video was made so that everyone can relate. The direction, the storyline and characters all represent something different, though mi a tell my story, mi a tell a story fi everyone at the sametime. We also made sure that the video represented Montreal to the fullest, as this is the city where I live and have lived for many years. Yes, mi love represent weh mi come from, yes, mi is a Jamaican, but mi still haffi represent weh mi deh.

Only Jah Know was written for his sister who’s life was tragically taken by gunfire in St. Elizabeth this past April.

Sampaloo has been a leading Canadian Dancehall artist for years and is easily Montreal’s top Jamaican act. Within the last two years he has really put Canada and Montreal on the map when it comes to Dancehall Music. He has had Media Features with many outlets from across the world including interviews with different radio stations across North America and invitations to attend and perform live stage shows in Jamaica, Canada, Belize and Florida. He recently ventured into quality One Drop/Culture productions where he has been just as well received by Reggae music lovers as Dancehall fans.

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