Dancehall artist, Versatile creating waves within the industry

versatile4by Jodee Brown

Dancehall artiste, Versatile has been busy in and outside the studio. The unquestionably talented deejay has been working on a number of projects that can only aid in building his career.

The artiste recently coined his own tagline, ‘Cawving.’ When quizzed about the reason for the tagline and what it means, he explained, “Well I think it’s kinda self-explanatory; a mean I am just paving the way for the other artiste who wants to be in full control of their career but might be afraid because of one reason or another. Is a way fi encourage youths to work hard and don’t allow the struggles to get the best of them! Just cawv road!”

Versatile has been in charge of his career and everything else surrounding it, since August 2012. The deejay is not objecting to having a manager in future, however, he wants to handle things on his own terms and learn more about the business before getting into any arrangement with a manager. So far he has been successful at managing his own career; it was under his management he recorded hit singles such as Cawv StreetLock Di Whole Place feat. I-Octane, Friend to the End and Give Thanks/Nah Be Ungrateful; the latter of which is on the Happy Tyme Riddim (produced by Zummm Good Good Productions)and the video is currently being shot by Di Rawtid Yute and Shakie Brown.

Music maybe his main focus but it certainly is not the only focus for this talented young deejay. Versatile is currently constructing his own studio in Mountain View and working on making his beach party a signature event for Portland. “The studio soon finish and I am looking for a lot of good songs to be recorded there. There are a lot of artiste that I want to work with but never get the chance, so hopefully I get the chance to work with them in my own studio,” a very vibrant Versatile explained. He is also working on his T-shirt line and fans can look forward to wearing these very soon.

The Road Cavwa ‘Naah be Ungrateful’, as he is very supportive of local street dances and he is thankful for all the support that he has been getting from his fellow artists, especially I-OctaneVersatile also wants to say thanks to his growing fan base and he promises to produce good music that will keep them entertained at all times.


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