Jamaican YouTube sensation, Rosie to feature on new single

Rosie1by Jodee Brown

Rosie, Jamaica’s latest YouTube sensation, will once again seek to capitalize on her new found fame as she has joined forces with Dancehall star, QQ on a new single aptly titled, Tutty Gran Wine, according to reports Wednesday.

Since an interview of her speaking on the recent flooding situation at her Kingston 13 home went viral last month, Rosie has won the admiration of countless Jamaicans by coining phrases such as ‘Tutty Gran,’ ‘Call Di Contractah’ and ‘We Need Justice.’ A remix of Rosie’s interview, done by Kevin ‘DJ Powa’ Hamilton was done shortly thereafter, garnering her instant popularity as she did a number of television and radio spots while also voicing dub plates for numerous disc jockeys within a matter of days.

Now, Rosie will make a foray into the music industry as she has teamed up with QQ to create the Tutty Gran Wine and record a single by the same name. QQ, known for his recent hit single, Ghetto Gal posted an Instagram video late last week, showing Rosie in-studio rotating her head as she talks about their new song.

QQ recently confirmed to the Jamaica STAR that collaboration between he and Rosie was in the works, “I thought it was something that I could do with her so she could get some earnings and bring some longevity when the clip gets old.”

According to QQ, the move is similar to the infamous Dutty Wine which became popular in 2006 but will allow Rosie put her own spin on things.

“I know it’s going to be very soon ’cause the aim is to keep it relevant. We don’t want to wait till it’s played out,” QQ told the STAR. “The public can expect something fun and something they can enjoy. I think this song is giving her justice and she a get her shine.”

Rosie appears to be following the footsteps of another Jamaican YouTube sensation, Clifton ‘Cliff-Twang’ Brown, who became famous for his Nobody Canna Cross It interview and later recorded two singles: Wat If Mi Frass and Education Is The Key in an attempt to build on his fame.

Like Cliff-Twang, Rosie made an appearance on this year’s Reggae Sumfest bill as she opened for the ‘Queen of Dancehall,’ Lady Saw during Dancehall Night on July 25.


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