Tommy Lee promises more children’s songs, to do show for Swedish youth

Tommy Lee's new single, 'Captain Sparta' has been a change for the norm for the deejay, who has recorded songs such as 'Uncle Demon,' and 'Psycho.'

Tommy Lee’s new single, ‘Captain Sparta’ has been a change for the norm for the deejay, who has recorded songs such as ‘Uncle Demon,’ and ‘Psycho.’


Polarizing Dancehall artist, Tommy Lee Sparta is seemingly adopting a new caricature of himself within industry circles as he has eased up on the demon talk and focused his attention to reaching young people through his music.

Last weekend, the ‘Gaza’ deejay released the video for his single, Captain Sparta which features various characters from children’s television shows such as Dora the Explorerand Jimmy Neutron. Though fans and critics of the entertainer were caught off guard by his sudden change of tune, Tommy Lee was lauded for stepping out of his Uncle Demon persona to do a single for the younger demographic.

He now looks to take that one step further as he prepares to kick start his five-week tour of Europe this week. Included in that tour is a show at the Sherholmens Youth Centre in Sweden on April 24, which will be entirely dedicated to children in the Scandinavian country.

The deejay also promises to drop a part two of his Captain Sparta single in the near future.

Speaking with IRIE FM on Tuesday, Tommy Lee challenged other deejays to make more songs for young people as he is committed to releasing child-friendly material on a regular basis.

“Every three month or so, mi a put out a tune fi di kids dem, cah nobody nah pay dem no mind,” he said. “A pure bruk out tune everybody a sing and gun tune and hype fi buss. Di pickny dem a born fans a Dancehall so I guess a me alone a bruk out di pickny dem.”

Tommy Lee’s upcoming tour includes performances in Holland on April 12 and 13, Paris on April 19, Rome on April 30 and Dortmund, Germany on May 10.

Controversial Dancehall star, Tommy Lee Sparta has tried to win over young people with his intriguing song, 'Captain Sparta.'

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