Alty B’s new single proves ‘Music’ is his lifeline


Capping off his best year yet within the Canadian Dancehall scene, emerging deejay,Alty B has unveiled his latest project as he showcases dedication to the profession he loves dearly.

Alty’s new single, Music, is as simple as the title indicates. Not only does this track parlay the GTA-based deejay’s reasoning behind getting into the music industry, but shows how much music has been a positive deterrent from negative influences that have surrounded his life. Music, produced myKimichi Records, is an introspective look into Alty B’s motivation and dedication to his craft.

“My Madda tell mi fi low music, mi seh ‘Mum, you a lose it.’ Music till me drop inna casket, and nobody can stop dis,” are just some lyrics of a passionate affirmation of his commitment to music. “Mek music, but mi nuh love talk. Before mi touch road, mi read one Psalms. No time fi waste, no time fi skylark, a nuh joke, mi nuh tink mi a laugh,” he continues in this retrospective track.

Music is the latest in a steady catalogue of hits for Alty-B, including No More, Get Gal Easy, Secret and Girl. In addition to earning airplay through various radio outlets in across Ontario, Quebec and in his native Jamaica, Alty B’s debut mixtape, YYZ has racked up thousands of downloads since its release this past summer, elevating his status within the Dancehall fraternity.


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