Mr. Vegas to pen novel about cheating

mr vegas4by 

If Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Mr. Vegas hasn’t documened his baby mother’s cheating scandal enough, the popular singjay is using his traumatizing ordeal as inspiration to write an upcoming book.

The novel, Bare Tingz explores the issue of infidelity and will be Mr. Vegas’ first book. The Bruk It Dung singer’s effort will be unveiled early next year.

Vegas, in an interview with IRIE FM on Thursday, insisted that fans will be intrigued by this read, which he describes as a fiction novel.

“It’s another side of the business. People are interested in Mr. Vegas, So why not write a book?” he said. “The interest that is there, why not give the people something that they want to read?”

Mr. Vegas’ decision to pen this novel comes nearly two months after walking in on his baby mother and ex-girlfriend, Shelliann McBayne and her alleged lover as they were sleeping together in his Florida home. To make matters more controversial, Vegas’ then one and a half year old daughter walked in on the act, which was caught on security cameras.

But instead of sulking privately, Vegas has handled the aftermath of this saga publicly, social media and several interviews as well as the release of his single, Bare Tingz, which offers a light-hearted take on his situation. The official video for Bare Tingz featured actual footage caught from the incident.

Mr. Vegas is currently preparing for upcoming stage shows in Japan, as well as Las Vegas.


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