Busy Signal happy to be home following prison term


Following six months of reflection in a United States prison, prominent Dancehall superstar,Busy Signal is back home and glad to be amongst his loved ones and fans once more after a tenuous ordeal.

Busy Signal returned to Jamaica last week Friday after serving time for absconding bail in regards to a drug case 10 years ago in Minnesota. Speaking for the first time since his ordeal during a press conference on Wednesday evening, Busy insists that prison was a life changing experience for him, intimating that he saw things that gave him a reality check during the prison term.

“Give thanks to the most high God and the support from the media, it’s been a rough six million years for me for the past six months. What I did, came back to haunt me, but my lifestyle free me up,” he said.

“Mi nuh know how fi explain the feeling of being in prison for the six months because it had a negative effect on my health, life andcareer. It gave me a lot of knowledge. Me see people drop down dead from heart attack, I see a lot of things. I’m here giving thanks to the media and everybody who support me.”

Busy Signal fled the United States in 2002 in search for a better life, dedicating the majority of his time towards learning the music industry and perfecting his craft as a deejay. Though Busy has enjoyed a highly successful career and accompanying accolades along the way, the elite entertainer said that he had been troubled by his past ever since making that decision to the leave the U.S., thinking that it might come back to haunt him at some point.

“I knew all of this in my head. I’ve been in prison in my head for 10 years thinking about all this,” he said. “Things will come around to haunt you. Mi learn seh, doe get yuh self inna problem. Do di ting and keep the straight and narrow.”

An obviously trimmer Busy Signal also appreciates that fact that he’s gotten to eat Jamaican food again after losing more than 30 pounds during his prison stay.

According to the Reggae Music Again singer, he feared for his health given the lack of good food he received behind bars.

“When I was there, the food was just crazy. I fainted twice. I fell down and had blackouts twice” he said. “The doctors had to test me, gave me physicals. They took my blood pressure; they did DNA. They did everything, it was devastating.”

Now that Busy’s back in his home country, he’s been able to see his family and children, including his son, Egypt Knight-Gordon, who was born in July while Busy was awaiting sentencing. Additionally, Busy revealed that he would be visiting the Gun Court and general penitentiary facilities to visit inmates and offer them advice.

As for his career, Busy Signal has already hit the studio, unveiling his first single since returning,Come Shock Out on Wednesday. That single will be followed up by another track, Think Man a Ediot, which is set for release on Thursday.

Furthermore, Busy’s manager, Shane Brown confirmed that his artiste will perform in December, marking his first local stage show appearance since 2008. Will it be STING 2012Brown is not sure, but won’t ignore the possibility.

“I’m not sure if it’s STING, we’ve been approached by STING, but we a gwaan think bout it…It’s gonna be a December to remember.”

You can watch a replay of the full Busy Signal press conference on his official Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/OneBusySignal?sk=app_190322544333196


Dancehall superstar, Busy Signal is back on the scene with his first single since serving time overseas called, 'Come Shock Out.'
By TorontoDeejays.com

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