Mr. Vegas calls out Konshens after fellow deejay claims he lied about scandal

mr vegas vs konshens1


Dancehall superstar, Mr. Vegas, has received the backing several fans and entertainers since publicizing a recent cheating scandal involving his baby’s mother and another man. However, one fellow deejay isn’t quite buying Vegas’ story.

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall star,Konshens recently appeared at New York-based hip-hop station, HOT 97 where he talked to DJ Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg andK. Foxx about his rise to prominence while promoting his successful debut album,Mental Maintenance. However, Konshenscouldn’t help but weigh in on the Mr. Vegassaga as he shared his thoughts on the deejay’s ordeal.

When Rosenberg made reference to a recent interview that a somber Mr. Vegas gave toHOT 97, Konshens seemed amused by the saga and even clamed that the Bruk It Downwas exaggerating the situation.

“It was alright, it was funny…because we all knew that it was a lie, I think it was a lie.”Konshens said.

The Stop Sign deejay also intimated that if the situation were real, something would have happened afterwards, implying that it was Vegas’ legal story to get him out of jail.

Upon hearing the interview, which aired yesterday on HOT 97’s YouTube page, Mr. Vegas unleashed his fury upon Konshens, via Twitter.

“I was just begging the same station u trying to destroy my credibility on, to play your record. Don’t u have a daughter? If this is a joke and a lie for u, u are a sick MF! What do u have to gain from this? What kinda hype can you get from this? You think if a n***a violate ur daughter, it would be a joke for me?” Vegas tweeted.

Konshens quickly replied to Mr. Vegas’ assertions.

“With all due respect, how credibility an song playing drop in? ITS A COMEDY SHOW relax man, if a real ting u will get past it. I think it’s not real, if it is, I’m glad u didn’t kill the n***a an a dat mi say. As artiste, we too touchy for the career WE CHOSE. Dats why unnu always kick off every second … RELAX an drop some more hits,” Konshenstweeted.

The Twitter war caused a bit of a stir amongst fans and industry players, including Downsound Records producer, Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, who says that he knows that Vegas’ situation isn’t fake.

“Folks unu need to stop picking on Mr Vegas. I jus saw the actual vid footage an di bredda not lying. A swear pan mi life,” Skatta tweeted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vegas continues to speak publicly about the cheating scandal as he recently recorded the single, Bare Tingz, which addresses the incident involving his baby’s mother. Additionally, Mr. Vegas gave an interview earlier this week for CVMTV’s OnStage in which he gives detailed accounts of the drama.

Vegas’ OnStage interview will air tomorrow night a 10 p.m. (9 p.m. Jamaican time) on CVMTV.


Konshens speaks out about the Mr. Vegas saga on HOT 97 and why he think that the fellow deejay made too much of the situation.

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