Tommy Lee refuses to clash Bounty Killer at STING

‘Gaza’ artiste, Tommy Lee will not be clashing Alliance founder, Bounty Killer at STING 2012, insisting that he and the ‘War Lord’ are not enemies.


Those clinging on to hope that Dancehall superstars, Bounty Killer and Tommy Leewould clash at STING 2012 are all but dashed after the latter deejay put an end tospeculation that such a lyrical battle will ensue.

For the last few weeks, Bounty Killer andTommy Lee have been trading lyrical jabs at each other after Bounty called out the ‘Gaza’ deejay and others who have been making demonic references in their songs while linking the ‘Sparta’ persona that Lee and others boast to homosexuality. That promptedTommy Lee, who initially stated that he would not disrespect Bounty Killer to blast the ‘War Lord’ publicly in his controversial track, Goat Head, which makes references to some of the Alliance deejay’s alleged, off-stage transgressions.

Bounty Killer has since counteracted with a new single, Nyammy Lee, making fun of thePsycho deejay and even dragging long-time rival, Beenie Man into the fray with another alleged diss track, Di Gaad.

But despite the ongoing tension between himself and Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee (now trademarked as Tommy Lee Sparta)dismissed any possibility that he and the ‘Grung Gaad’ will settle their confrontations atSTING 2012.

“War inna Dancehall cause crime and violence and mi nuh deh pon dat. Mi nuh deh pon nuh clash thing fi police come pree mi and sey mi start crime,” Lee told the Jamaica STAR.

Tommy Lee also declared that he and Bounty Killer are not enemies and even apologized to the Alliance deejay’s fans for giving the impression that he was disrespecting the Dancehall legend. However, Lee remains unrepentant for recording Goat Head.

“Mi and Bounty Killer a nuh enemy. Mi si Bounty a Sumfest launch and a me fuss hail him because him a elder, but him disrespect mi and mi community and mi people, friends, brothers and sisters. Him even a call up people name wey a nuh artiste,” he said.

“Mi sorry to the Bounty Killer fans sey dem feel like mi style dem, but mi nuh sorry fi dis Bounty because him tek di wrong approach. Bounty know nuff people who know mi numba, suh if him did mean good and want me to stop deejay bout demon him cudda call mi,”

Tommy Lee not only ruffled Bounty Killer’s feathers, it also angered Ward 21 deejay and producer, Rum Blood who was mentioned in Goat Head as having revealed to Lee that Bounty Killer has engaged in oral sex acts.

Rum Blood blasted Tommy Lee for including him in the lyrical war. To that point, Lee apologized to him for doing so while insisting that his ‘demon’ theme is just part of his character and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“No offence to Rum Blood, a good youth, love and respect to him. Love and respect to Bounty Killer to, but is like him waah si mi pickney dem dead fi hungry – with the demon thing mi just a play a character mi neva pree myself as nuh demon, a dem tek it literal – but as mi sey, mi dun wid Bounty now, mi speak mi mind and it over now. Mi and him nuh size, mi nah mek dem bridge my current, mi not even listen to him dis song dem,”

Bounty Killer initially said that he would not clash Tommy Lee at STING 2012 also and has since maintained that stance despite lyrically taunting the ‘Gaza’ deejay.


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