Twin of Twins ‘LEAD’ by example: Deejays form group promoting unity in Dancehall

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With more Dancehall artistes doing songs and events promoting togetherness within the Jamaican music industry, a pair of prominent entertainers seeks to achieve similar unity with the forming of a new organization.

According to reports, popular comedians turned deejays, Twin of Twins have decided create a group called Leadership for Empowerment of Artistes in Dancehall (LEAD), aimed at unifying the Dancehall industry while creating a defense mechanism against people and organizations who oppose the genre.

The Twins, Patrick ‘Curly Lox’ Gaynor andPaul ‘Tu-Lox’ Gaynor opted to create LEADgiven that Reggae music has a governing body that voices issues pertaining to that genre, the Jamaican Reggae Industry Association (JARIA). However, given that Dancehall has no such group, Twin of Twinsdecided to use LEAD as an outlet for artistes within their genre to voice their concerns.

Additionally, the Twins insist that Dancehall music has been mistreated and misunderstood for a long time, suggesting that such a group should have been formed a long time ago.

Several entertainers have been doing their part to promote unity in their industry this year as veteran deejays, Wayne Marshall andEsco did singles featuring a plethora of Dancehall artistes signifying togetherness.

Marshall penned the song Go Hard this past summer, featuring high-profile acts such as Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, Bounty Killer, I-Octane, Assassin, Aidonia and incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel.

Esco’s single, Haters Warning was also aimed at promoting unity in Dancehall as it featured deejays such as Chino, Chan Dizzy, Bramma, Rholin X and the aforementioned Bounty Killer.


Aidonia and Tommy Lee to headline peace concert

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A pair of Dancehall stalwarts will be shifting from their hardcore personas in the name of peace, as they will headline a special concert aimed at curbing violence.

Jag One Productions (J.O.P) leader,Aidonia and prominent ‘Gaza’ artiste, Tommy Lee Sparta will headline a peace concert dubbed Stop The Violence, Stop The Crime at the Little Coppa Club in Bull Bay, St. Thomas on November 24. Bermudian promoter, Kevin Smith, who’s currently spearheading a peace tour throughout the Caribbean, organized the event.

The event will also features legendary Reggae singer, Sizzla Kalonji as well asPotential Kidd, Stylysh, Darrio, Eyesus, Marlon Binns and Chi Ching Ching, amongst many others.

The publicist for Tommy Lee Sparta, Keona Williams told the Jamaica STAR that her client has a very positive image that people underrate.

“Tommy Lee Sparta is not just about the hardcore element, he wants to portray a positive image and be a good role model for the youths. We are hoping his fans will come out and be in full support of the message at the event,” Williams said.

“Tommy Lee’s music is just for entertainment, but as a person he advocates for peace, he is an ambassador for peace and that is the message he wants to promote. Patrons can expect an exciting performance and some new tracks.”

Williams, who also hails as Aidonia’s publicist also insists that the Stop The Violence, Stop The Crime concert will be a proving ground for the Run Road singer to show his other personality.

“Aidonia and Sheldon Lawrence are two different persons, he has a positive side and hardcore side. You can’t just give fans one side of music so we bring it in different contexts, and this peace concert will show a different side of him. He has uplifting songs and he is a very violence free person. In this time in our country, we need to join together for good and this is one of the main reasons we do this,” she said.

Aidonia recently returned to the island after performing at the World of Reggae show in Barbados while Tommy Lee Sparta was in Canada this past weekend performing a pair of promotional shows.


Mr. Vegas calls out Konshens after fellow deejay claims he lied about scandal

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Dancehall superstar, Mr. Vegas, has received the backing several fans and entertainers since publicizing a recent cheating scandal involving his baby’s mother and another man. However, one fellow deejay isn’t quite buying Vegas’ story.

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall star,Konshens recently appeared at New York-based hip-hop station, HOT 97 where he talked to DJ Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg andK. Foxx about his rise to prominence while promoting his successful debut album,Mental Maintenance. However, Konshenscouldn’t help but weigh in on the Mr. Vegassaga as he shared his thoughts on the deejay’s ordeal.

When Rosenberg made reference to a recent interview that a somber Mr. Vegas gave toHOT 97, Konshens seemed amused by the saga and even clamed that the Bruk It Downwas exaggerating the situation.

“It was alright, it was funny…because we all knew that it was a lie, I think it was a lie.”Konshens said.

The Stop Sign deejay also intimated that if the situation were real, something would have happened afterwards, implying that it was Vegas’ legal story to get him out of jail.

Upon hearing the interview, which aired yesterday on HOT 97’s YouTube page, Mr. Vegas unleashed his fury upon Konshens, via Twitter.

“I was just begging the same station u trying to destroy my credibility on, to play your record. Don’t u have a daughter? If this is a joke and a lie for u, u are a sick MF! What do u have to gain from this? What kinda hype can you get from this? You think if a n***a violate ur daughter, it would be a joke for me?” Vegas tweeted.

Konshens quickly replied to Mr. Vegas’ assertions.

“With all due respect, how credibility an song playing drop in? ITS A COMEDY SHOW relax man, if a real ting u will get past it. I think it’s not real, if it is, I’m glad u didn’t kill the n***a an a dat mi say. As artiste, we too touchy for the career WE CHOSE. Dats why unnu always kick off every second … RELAX an drop some more hits,” Konshenstweeted.

The Twitter war caused a bit of a stir amongst fans and industry players, including Downsound Records producer, Cordel ‘Skatta’ Burrell, who says that he knows that Vegas’ situation isn’t fake.

“Folks unu need to stop picking on Mr Vegas. I jus saw the actual vid footage an di bredda not lying. A swear pan mi life,” Skatta tweeted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Vegas continues to speak publicly about the cheating scandal as he recently recorded the single, Bare Tingz, which addresses the incident involving his baby’s mother. Additionally, Mr. Vegas gave an interview earlier this week for CVMTV’s OnStage in which he gives detailed accounts of the drama.

Vegas’ OnStage interview will air tomorrow night a 10 p.m. (9 p.m. Jamaican time) on CVMTV.


Konshens speaks out about the Mr. Vegas saga on HOT 97 and why he think that the fellow deejay made too much of the situation.

Vybz Kartel’s common-law wife reportedly pregnant

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson (left), the common-law wife of Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartelis reportedly pregnant while reports have indicated that the father hails as a ex-member of the ‘Gaza’ Empire


With the ongoing fallout from the cheating scandal involving the baby’s mother of Dancehall superstar, Mr. Vegas continuing to resonate, the common-law wife of another prominent entertainer has reportedly embroiled herself in some controversy of her own.

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson, the baby mother of incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel is reportedly pregnant with another man’s child. According to several websites, not only does ‘Shorty’ have a child on the way, the father of said child hails as a former member of Vybz Kartel’s recently defunct,Portmore Empire.

Reports also revealed that ‘Shorty,’ has been keeping herself out of the spotlight in recent weeks due to the fact that she wants privacy regarding her pregnancy and the identity of the baby’s father.

Additionally, it’s being said that a specific line in the opening verse of Vybz Kartel’s chart-topping hit single, Back To Life makes reference to ‘Shorty,’ and her alleged actions while he remains incarcerated on murder and conspiracy charges, saying, ‘A next man have yuh gyal when yuh missing.”

Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson hails as the mother of three of Vybz Kartel’s children and has publicly defended the self-professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ several times against constant rumors and negative press that he’s received since being nabbed by law enforcement in September 2011. She also stated in the press that she had been trying to help herself, her children and Kartel’s mother to cope with the stress of having ‘Di Teacha’ in jail.


Tommy Lee refuses to clash Bounty Killer at STING

‘Gaza’ artiste, Tommy Lee will not be clashing Alliance founder, Bounty Killer at STING 2012, insisting that he and the ‘War Lord’ are not enemies.


Those clinging on to hope that Dancehall superstars, Bounty Killer and Tommy Leewould clash at STING 2012 are all but dashed after the latter deejay put an end tospeculation that such a lyrical battle will ensue.

For the last few weeks, Bounty Killer andTommy Lee have been trading lyrical jabs at each other after Bounty called out the ‘Gaza’ deejay and others who have been making demonic references in their songs while linking the ‘Sparta’ persona that Lee and others boast to homosexuality. That promptedTommy Lee, who initially stated that he would not disrespect Bounty Killer to blast the ‘War Lord’ publicly in his controversial track, Goat Head, which makes references to some of the Alliance deejay’s alleged, off-stage transgressions.

Bounty Killer has since counteracted with a new single, Nyammy Lee, making fun of thePsycho deejay and even dragging long-time rival, Beenie Man into the fray with another alleged diss track, Di Gaad.

But despite the ongoing tension between himself and Bounty Killer, Tommy Lee (now trademarked as Tommy Lee Sparta)dismissed any possibility that he and the ‘Grung Gaad’ will settle their confrontations atSTING 2012.

“War inna Dancehall cause crime and violence and mi nuh deh pon dat. Mi nuh deh pon nuh clash thing fi police come pree mi and sey mi start crime,” Lee told the Jamaica STAR.

Tommy Lee also declared that he and Bounty Killer are not enemies and even apologized to the Alliance deejay’s fans for giving the impression that he was disrespecting the Dancehall legend. However, Lee remains unrepentant for recording Goat Head.

“Mi and Bounty Killer a nuh enemy. Mi si Bounty a Sumfest launch and a me fuss hail him because him a elder, but him disrespect mi and mi community and mi people, friends, brothers and sisters. Him even a call up people name wey a nuh artiste,” he said.

“Mi sorry to the Bounty Killer fans sey dem feel like mi style dem, but mi nuh sorry fi dis Bounty because him tek di wrong approach. Bounty know nuff people who know mi numba, suh if him did mean good and want me to stop deejay bout demon him cudda call mi,”

Tommy Lee not only ruffled Bounty Killer’s feathers, it also angered Ward 21 deejay and producer, Rum Blood who was mentioned in Goat Head as having revealed to Lee that Bounty Killer has engaged in oral sex acts.

Rum Blood blasted Tommy Lee for including him in the lyrical war. To that point, Lee apologized to him for doing so while insisting that his ‘demon’ theme is just part of his character and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

“No offence to Rum Blood, a good youth, love and respect to him. Love and respect to Bounty Killer to, but is like him waah si mi pickney dem dead fi hungry – with the demon thing mi just a play a character mi neva pree myself as nuh demon, a dem tek it literal – but as mi sey, mi dun wid Bounty now, mi speak mi mind and it over now. Mi and him nuh size, mi nah mek dem bridge my current, mi not even listen to him dis song dem,”

Bounty Killer initially said that he would not clash Tommy Lee at STING 2012 also and has since maintained that stance despite lyrically taunting the ‘Gaza’ deejay.