Spechinal serves up double delight with a pair of new videos

Up and coming Reggae singer, Spechinal chills on the set of the ‘Cuss Me’ video shoot at Devon House in Kingston.


High rising Dancehall/Reggae singer, Spechinalcontinues to showcase his undeniable work ethic as he’s released visuals for a pair of hitsingles sure to wow music lovers.

After unveiling his debut video for Natural Girl, for which a snippet recently aired on HYPE TV,Spechinal released his follow-up set of visuals for the track, Cuss Me, produced by Rasta Camp Records. The video features lead girl,Clare Groves as Spechinal engages with the young beauty as they successfully replicate the ideology behind this highly acclaimed single speaking to the ups and downs associated with just about any relationship.

Spechinal explained the concept behind theCuss Me video while shooting on location, intimating that, “This concept is very straight forward, we see this everyday where a man meets a woman they exchange contact, then something intimate starts as time goes by this song talks about a jealous girlfriend and I think every man as one, and females will like it because they know that’s how they are and this song will certainly catch some ears because it’s a very weird concept.”

The video for Cuss Me tells an enthralling tale of a couple that uses their adversity to make their relationship stronger, a story that many real life partners can relate to. Already, Cuss Me has earned rotation via Jamaican music video outlet, MDTV as well aswickedhype.com and has garnered positive receptions from fans and industry players.

On the same day he released the visuals for Cuss Me,Spechinal unveiled the official video for another smash hit,True LoveOnce again, Spechinal and the aforementioned Groves outline their apparent on-camera cohesiveness, illustrating a genuine love story that paints a picture of paradise for current and wannabe couples looking for hope as their own relationships take shape.

For Spechinal, these events mark a ground-breaking era in Spechinal’s career as he seeks to earn the mainstream attention he’s craved since childhood.

By TorontoDeejays.com

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