‘Havana Sunset’ shines light on Canadian Dancehall-Reggae campaign

YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity is set to release the ‘Havana Sunset Riddim’ later this month, the first compilation representing their ‘Dancehall and Reggae for Canada’ campaign.


Emerging public relations firm, YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity has decided to shed light on a brand new campaign they have created that’s sure to shed light on the Canadian Dancehall/Reggae market.

YuhSeeYou recently announced the impending launch of their new Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign, created to successfully promote the talent pool that exists within Canada as it pertains to Jamaica’s most prominent genres, Reggae and Dancehall. TheDancehall and Reggae for Canadacampaign involves some of music’s most influential figures as highly regarded music distributor, Johnny Wonder and award-winning radio disc jock, Carrie Mullings as they seek to provide Canadian-based Dancehall/Reggae artistes greater outlets to promote their music.

According to YuhSeeYou founder, Reeva Proctor, the campaign came about as her PR firm worked with several of Canada’s promising Dancehall/Reggae artistes and noticed the appeal that these entertainers garnered as a result of their growing success.

For Proctor, the Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign hails as an ideal opportunity for Dancehall and Reggae who’re based in the North American country to earn mainstream success worldwide despite not residing in the country where these genres were originated.

“Both Reggae and Dancehall have opportunities here in Canada. It’s proven every year at events such as Jamaica Day Celebrations across our country and the two successful International Reggae Festivals that are held every year in Calgary and Montreal,” Proctor says.

“I don’t believe the saying that an artist must “Buss” in Jamaica before they can reach the international market. Europe and the U.K prove this to us time and time again. There is a Market for Reggae and Dancehall outside of Jamaica. Labels such as Push a Yute and Born Free Records have shown us that with proper P.R and Marketing that Jamaican music can make an impact no matter where you are from. Europe’s Industry Professionals excel in all areas of the industry such as promotion, public relations, production and media.”

In coordination with the Dancehall and Reggae for Canada campaign’s main objective,YuhSeeYou has signed off on the first official Riddim on behalf of this initiative, dubbed theHavana Sunset Riddim.

Havana Sunset features many of the aforementioned Dancehall/Reggae talents flourishing in Canada such as Alty-B, Chuxstar, Ebony Royal, Eyesus, Faze, Jah Cube, Tiffie and many others while also featuring emerging young stars based in Jamaica such as Richie Loop, Blak Diamon, Pretti Kitti and Gaza Maxwell.

Additionally, the Havana Sunset Riddim featured contributions from some of Dancehall and Reggae music’s emerging producers as the project was first built by Kimichi Records hit maker,Dane Sortie while being mixed by Canadian based label, Smoke Shop Productions while also featuring UIM Records producer, Anju Blaxx, who worked on Blak Diamon’s single for the compilation.

The Havana Sunset Riddim will be unofficially released on August 30 before being distributed in mid-September by Johnny Wonder and his 21st Hapilos outlet.

YuhSeeYou Entertainment and Publicity previously released the Wakefield Riddim, a compilation featuring many of Dancehall’s elite such as Spice, Voicemail and Richie Loopswhile also showcasing Blak Diamon and Toronto-based Dancehall artiste, Sampaloo.

By TorontoDeejays.com

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