Etana pregnant with her second child

Etana, who has a son (Shevaun Lee) is due to give birth to her second child this fall.


Add internationally acclaimed Reggae songstress, Etana to the list of popular personalities within the Jamaican music industry who will bear children in the coming months.


Following recent revelations that Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Ce’Cile andFiWi Choice Top 10 host, Amita Webb are set to become mothers for the first time, Etanahas announced that she’s pregnant with her second child. Etana’s husband and prominent Jamaican actor, Andre Morris made the exciting announcement via Facebook on Thursday.


“Touring!!! Reggae Music Lives. The RawSoul Rebel mixtape coming out soon. Also looking forward to the birth of my daughter!!!” Morris stated.


According to Etana, who’s currently in Birmingham, England for a celebratory concert regarding Jamaica’s 5th anniversary, she’s looking forward to raising her child with a partner who’s willing to commit to the cause.


“Our plan was to do different business moves etc., but we were surprised with a new life, a precious gift, and funny enough we ended up doing most, if not all we planned just the same. Jah works in mysterious ways. My husband is all smiles watching every step I make. He wants to be in every doctor’s visit, rubbing my aching feet and making sure I have all I need to be comfortable. He’s gonna be a great dad,” Etana told the Jamaica STAR.


For Morris, who’s been married to Etana since 2010, he’s eagerly anticipating the birth of his first child.


“I’m very happy that I’ll be a dad. Now the two and a half years of speculation is confirmed, I’m pretty sure I’ll have the family I’ve always dreamed of. It’s hard to find the rare combination of love and commitment that we have, and I’m looking forward to the birth of my daughter and looking forward to many years of prosperity and success with my beautiful wife,” he said.


Etana’s PR agent, Keona Williams explained that the highly regarded Jamaican singer will be due to give birth in October or early November as she’s currently going through her third trimester.


Meanwhile, Etana will unveil her new album, Better Tomorrow later this year.



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