Busy Signal pleads guilty to absconding bail

Busy Signal faces up to 18 months in prison after he plead guilty to absconding bail in a Minnesota courtroom on thursday


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Busy Signal will soon say goodbye to his freedom, at least temporarily after pleading guilty to a charge of absconding bail in a Minnesota courtroom on Thursday.

After initially pleading not guilty to the same charge late last month, the prominent singjay, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, plead guilty to one count of absconding bail; thus admitting that he fled the United States before a scheduled trial on drug-related charges in 2002. As a result, Busy Signal, who had been extradited to the United States last month, now faces a prison term of between 12-18 months as well as a fine ranging from US$3,000 to US$30,000, under sentencing guideline recommendations.

According to the Associated Press, Busy Signal’s lawyer, Bill Mauzy indicated that he would ask for a sentence of time served while assistant U.S. attorney refused to elaborate on how much time prosecutors in the artiste’s case would seek. No sentencing date has been set in Busy Signal’s case.

U.S. District judge, Donovan Frank outlined that Busy Signal will be given 45 days to leave the United States once he completes his prison term or else he could be nabbed on drug charges stemming from his aforementioned 2002 case. Though the drug charges still exist, the United States government doesn’t have the authority to prosecute Busy Signal on those counts at present given that the extradition request for the entertainer pertained to absconding bail only.

This news comes two months after Busy Signal was taken into custody on an extradition warrant at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston this past May after being deported from the United Kingdom, where law enforcement officials arrested him on the suspicion of using false documentation while traveling.

Busy Signal waived his rights to fight his extradition hearing three days following his arrests and was transported to the United States late last month; accompanied by U.S. Marshals.

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Reggae Sumfest to honor Shabba Ranks

Aidonia (left) and Shabba Ranks (right) share a moment of unity as the latter artiste visits Kingston for the first time since 2001 ahead of his Reggae Sumfest performance


Just under 48 hours from now, Dancehall legend, Shabba Ranks will appear on a Jamaican stage show for the first time in 11 years and organizers of Reggae Sumfest look to ensure that his return will be memorable.

Shabba Ranks arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Monday, where he was ceremoniously greeted by family, friends several fans who’ve long-awaited his return to Jamaica. Additionally, the iconic deejay visited his native neighborhood of Olympic Gardens where he bonded with fans and has since toured Kingston, with pictures emerging in the last two of Shabba Ranksalongside vaunted Dancehall superstar,Aidonia as well as prominent Alliance diva,Ishawna.

Now, as Shabba prepares to perform on the first of two International nights at Reggae Sumfest on Friday night, the self-professed Emperorof Dancehall music will be recognized by organizers of the stage show for his long-standing contributions to Jamaican music when he takes the stage at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

Shabba Ranks has etched his name within Dancehall folklore since emerging in the late 1980s and subsequently dominating the music scene in the early 1990s with classics like Bedroom Bully, Trailer Load and Ting a Ling. Shabba hails as one of six Jamaican artistes to earn at least two Best Reggae Album Grammy awards and the only local entertainer to boast successive victories at music’s most celebrated awards show, winning for As Raw As Ever in 1992 and X-tra Naked the following year.

Citing artistes like Josey Wales and Yellow Man as some of his inspirations, Shabba Ranks has become a legend for his hardcore lyrical delivery and somewhat eccentric stage antics while later creating his own label, Emperor Ranks Entertainment. Having spent most of the last decade in Miami, Shabba Ranks promises to delight fans who’ve been craving to see him for so long.

Tonight, music lovers will witness ample star power as Dancehall Night takes center stage. Artistes such as Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Konshens, Tifa, Popcaan, I-Octane, Khago, Baby Tash and Montego Bay native, Tommy Lee will be some of the acts who will grace the Catherine Hall stage on Thursday night.

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Russian and Kartel have ‘The Cure Fi Bad Mind’

Tarik ‘Russian’ Johnston (left) and Vybz Kartel (right) will soon unveil their latest collab dubbed, ‘The Cure (Fi Bad Mind)


Top Dancehall producer and deejay, Russianhas released the collaborative single, The Cure(Fi Bad Mind) featuring the Worl’ BossVybz Kartel.

According to Russian, who is also the mastermind behind the hit making Head Concussion label, the song was recorded just before Kartel’s incarceration.

“People always hate on people who are successful. When you are nobody, no one really gives you the time of day. But as soon as you become successful, people have opinions on how you should live your life. I guess it’s because they are envious why they criticize. It’s not necessarily out of concern,” Russian explained via press release.

Feedback to the song has been overwhelming and it is already a hot item on the radio.

This isn’t the first time that Kartel has collaborated with Russian. Life Sweet was the first track Russian produced for Kartel. Since then, they have teamed up on hits such as Jeans and FittedLook Pon We and Get Gal Anywhere.

The accompanying artwork for The Cure (Fi Bad Mind) is an interesting one. Both Kartel and Russian are dressed as doctors preparing for a surgery.

“The concept behind the artwork is that we have finally come up with the cure for Jamaica’s #1 disease. And who cures diseases? Doctors!” Russian concluded.

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Shabba returns to Jamaica for Sumfest, Mavado out of show

Dancehall superstar, Shabba Ranks returned to Olympic Gardens in Kingston where he walked alongside residents awed by his presence


As Reggae Sumfest kicks into gear, one prominent Jamaican superstar receives a warm welcome back to the island while another won’t be heading back in time for the week-long stage show.

Multiple Grammy-winning Dancehall superstar,Shabba Ranks has returned home for the first time since 2001 as he prepares to perform at the 20th edition of Reggae Sumfest this week in Montego Bay. The internationally acclaimed superstar, renowned for classics such asBedroom Bully, Ting a Ling and Trailer Load arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston on Monday to a rousing welcome from his Jamaican fans who’ve long awaited his re-emergence on the local scene.

Perhaps the greatest evidence that Jamaicans still have love for Shabba Ranks was during a tour of his native Olympic Gardens as fans rushed a vehicle carrying the beloved deejay through the neighborhood.

According to Shabba Ranks, it was overwhelming to see such fan fare; intimating that though he’s been away for over a decade, he still holds the highest regard for the country of his birth.

“It’s always great fi deh inna mi island because, as mi bigger brother seh, when you check it out, nowhere nuh better than yard. This is the land of my birth, this is Jamaica, the land of my birth. Nuh matta wha gwaan, no matter how mi travel the world, nuh matter wha mi do inna the world, mi age paper mark Sturge Town, St Ann,” Shabba told the Jamaica Gleaner.

Shabba Ranks’ highly regarded mother, Mama Christiewas elated to finally see her son again.

“I feel great, wonderful and I am thankful that God has spared my life after 11 years to see my son Shabba Ranks back in Jamaica to give his people what they deserve,” she said.

Shabba Ranks will perform on Friday night at International Night 1 alongside Tarrus Riley, Tessanne Chin, Sophia Brown and Award-winning American R&B superstar, Trey Songz.

On a separate note, a fellow Dancehall megastar will not be able to return home in time forReggae Sumfest as prominent singjay, Mavado has ruled out any availability for the ongoing stage show. According to Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, Mavado was approached by Sumfest organizers to perform at the show but declined the invitation due to scheduling issues.

Currently, Mavado is in the United States where he’s reportedly recording material for a new mixtape as well as his third studio album.

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Christian man claims God has higher calling for Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel has admitted in the past that he’s a spiritual, not religious man.


It’s often said that God put each person on Earth to fulfill His purpose for his her lives. In the case of embattled Dancehall superstar,Vybz Kartel, one believer insists that the prominent deejay has been called by the Almighty to spread His Word.

Vybz Kartel lies at the Horizon Remand Centre in Spanish Town, where he’s currently awaiting trial in a pair of murder cases. However, Wayne Clarke, a 36-year-old member of the Kingston-based Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church of God Ministry claims that God desperately wants Kartel to carry out his work.
According to Clarke, he has been waiting since 2009 to deliver this message to Kartel and believes he needs to pass it along to the self-proclaimed ‘Worl Boss’ before it’s too late.

“The time has come… I think the time is right, whenever God give you a task to warn or enlighten you should. Just like Jonah was sent to warn the city of Ninivi and he was disobedient and he was later eaten by a whale!” Clarke told the Jamaica STAR.

“God wants Kartel to do very important works for him. It hurt me so much that I lived so close to where his studio was and reasons beyond my control prevented me from delivering the message directly.”

Clarke explained that the main reason for his inability to approach Kartel with this important message was fear; pointing out the deejay’s entourage as the source for said fear while implying that they would not take kindly to the suggestion that God had a higher calling for the internationally acclaimed entertainer.

Nevertheless, Clarke intimated that now hails as the perfect opportunity to enlighten Kartel on what God’s plans for him are; stating that he’s been ordained by the Lord to preach and heal others and that had this message been passed along three years ago, the deejay would not be facing a litany of legal woes.

“He must not carry anything that he achieved from the world (money or vanity); he must leave those things and come. He will be set up properly by God.”

Vybz Kartel has spoken on the issue of Christianity and Religion before, stating during an interview on CVM’s OnStage that he did not believe in the concept of religion given its divisive undertones while shaking off rife speculation of his affiliation with a lodge. Additionally, he insisted that there was nothing wrong with free masonry.


Video: Vybz Kartel speaks about religion and free masonry (CVM OnStage interview)

Vybz Kartel speaks on religion and whether or not he's part of a cult during a CVM OnStage interview last month.


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New J.O.E album unveiled over a year following death

J.O.E was known for sever noteworthy singles including ‘Rasta Chant’ and ‘Nah Nuh Mercy’


Over a year following the untimely demise of one of Jamaican music’s most promising acts, a new album has surfaced which pays homage to his work while showing the mainstream more of his undeniable potential.

J.O.E (Jah Over Evil), formerly known as Lil’Joe, had high hopes within the Jamaican music industry; releasing notable singles such as Nah Nuh MercyNot Good At All and Rasta Chant. However, just as his career seem poised for takeoff, J.O.E died of a brain aneurysm in February of last year at the tender age of 24.

At the time, the artiste whose real name wasAlty Nunes had been working on his debut album, Man From Judah which he never had the chance to complete. However, with the help of family and friends within the music industry, that album has been finished and will be released posthumously to honor his life’s work.

Man From Judah will be launched at theFunky Monkey Bistro and Bar on Holborn Road in St Andrew on Saturday evening. July 14, 2012 would have marked J.O.E’s 26th birthday.

J.O.E’s long-time producer and friend, Gavin ‘Equiknoxx’ Blair revealed that Man of Judah was completed due to the co-operation of some high-profile names, including Konshens, Kymani Marley and T.O.K, who feature on the 17-track compilation. Konshens features on the single, Fit while Marley appears on the single, Introduce. T.O.K’s Roshaun ‘Bay-C’ Clarke features on the track, Vineyard Town, which hails as a tribute to J.O.E’s home community.

Most of the tracks on Man of Judah were recorded in Vineyard Town while some were done at the Anchor Musicstudio, founded by prominent Reggae producer, Gussie Clarke, who worked with J.O.E during the earlier stages of his career.

According to Blair, J.O.E’s music became more spiritual during the last three years of his life as he sought to add meaning to his content. Additionally, Blair insists that he’s pleased by the outcome of Man of Judah, which offers a live feel with several veteran musicians playing scintillating instrumentals.

Man of Judah will soon be in stores and is currently available for purchase on iTunes:http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/man-from-judah/id543630429

J.O.E hailed as the song of former National Dance Theatre Company dancer and renowned teacher, Patsy Ricketts.

J.O.E was renowned for may singles, including 'Nah Nuh Mercy'

Video: J.O.E – Nah Nuh Mercy (Official Video)

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Caribbean host vying for BET’s 106 & Park

Keishel ‘Inanna’ Williams (right) boasts a reputable resume within the media world, which also includes being the lead editor of HighBrid Magazine.


Keishel ‘Inanna’ Williams is once again set to take her talent and the Caribbean diaspora to the next level.

The young writer and TV personality has been a positive role model and contributor in the Caribbean media for over six years. Now, with the help and support of her fans as well as the Caribbean media community, she is currently in pursuit of the coveted spot of female host for the popular BET music countdown show, 106 & Park.

106 & Park is currently holding auditions for their new male and female hosts, where talented hosts will submit audition tapes and fans can vote for them via the social media network, Twitter.

“It will be extremely beneficial to have a host of my Caribbean-American background on 106 & Park. The plethora of talent that comes from our community alone has driven Hip-Hop culture to where it is today,” says Inanna.

The exuberant Inanna boasts an extensive knowledge of hip-hop; from old school acts such as the Wu-Tang Clan to new school artistes like Wale in addition to her innate love and experience in the Soca and Reggae music industries. After years of honing her skills as a TV personality with New York Linkz’Z.Y.N.C TV and a writer for Caribbean Life Newspaper in Brooklyn New York, Inanna isready to take her career and her community to the next level. She has also built reputable relationships with respected Caribbean music powerhouses such as VP Records, where she is currently the media sponsor for their upcoming Jerk Festival, featuring Tarrus Riley.

Everyone is encouraged to go onto twitter to VOTE for Inanna. Please follow @Inanna106 and vote .

To vote please tweet: I VOTE FOR@Inanna106 AS NEW HOST OF @106andpark #106thesearch

For votes to be counted, the tweet should include her name @Iannna106 , @106andpark and the hashtag, #106thesearch. Vote everyday as many times per day and form a positive movement as BET could use a strong, positive Caribbean voice that can also promote our music.

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Mavado recording with Pharrell?

Mavado (right) tweets a photo from studio with Pharrell Williams (middle) of N.E.R.D


Highly acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singjay,Mavado seems to be adding to his already credible international repertoire as he’s reportedly teamed up with one of hip-hop music’s leading producers.

According to reports, Mavado, who’s a member of the Cash Money Recordsumbrella via DJ Khaled’s We The Best Music Group, has joined forces with Pharrell Williamsto record some new material. Williams remains renowned for producing several classics such as Grindin by Clipse, I’m A Slave For You byBritney Spears and Hot In Herre by Nellywhile collaborating with other international megastars such as MadonnaShakira andJay-Z.

The self-professed Gully Gaad tweeted a photo of himself in studio with Pharrell and fellow N.E.R.D producer, Chad Hugo.

This news comes as Mavado has been working on an upcoming mixtape as well as his third studio album which is slated for release later this year. His previous two releases wereGangsta For Life: The Symphony of David Brooks in 2007 and Mr. Brooks: A Better Tomorrow two years later.

Since joining We The Best Music Group last summer, Mavado has collaborated with several international acts such as Akon(Survivor), Ace Hood (Emergency) while releasing singles such as Soulja Girl.

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Buju Banton files for new trial

Buju Banton’s lawyers have filed a motion for a new trial in Florida, requesting that the prominent singjay be granted a new trial in his ongoing drug case


Embattled Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Buju Banton adamantly refuses to give up on potential freedom as he’s filed for a new trial in his ongoing drug case.

Currently serving a ten year sentence on three drug-related charges, Buju Banton’s legal team filed a motion on Tuesday with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida asking that the Grammy-winning entertainer be granted a new trial. This coming nearly three weeks after a Georgia Circuit Court threw out an appeal made on behalf ofBuju Banton, agreeing with the jury’s convictions on the three aforementioned charges including conspiracy to distribute cocaine and aiding and abetting a person’s use of a telephone to facilitate a drug crime.

The Circuit Court also sided with the jury’s guilty verdict regarding a charge of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug crime; this despite the charge being originally thrown out by the presiding judge during Buju’s last trial.

Should a new trial be granted by the Middle District of Florida, it would mark the third forBuju Banton since his initial arrest inDecember 2009. However, given that there would be a new judge presiding should the trial take place, Buju risks an extension of his current ten year sentence given that the reinstatement of the aforementioned gun charge carries an additional five year prison term, which would be issued consecutively.

According to Buju’s lead lawyer, David Oscar Markusshould his client be denied a new trial on all initial charges by the Florida court, then a new trial will be requested on the gun charge alone.

Buju Banton’s first trial ended in a hung jury in September 2010, prompting the artiste to later be released on bail until his second trial in February 2011, in which he was convicted of the three drug-related charges.

He was sentenced in June of last year and originally served his prison term at a Texas-based correctional facility before being moved to a Florida federal prison after several safety concerns were raised.

Buju Banton’s current release date is set for February 1, 2019.

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Delly Ranx unveils ‘The Next Chapter’

Delly Ranx has released his fourth studio album entitled, ‘The Next Chapter’ which predominantly features Reggae-influenced sounds


Internationally acclaimed Jamaican deejay and producer, Delly Ranx has become the latest Dancehall star to release an all-Reggae album in an effort to help revive a genre that has seemingly become second best in the island.

Three months after the release of Busy Signal’s new album, Reggae Music AgainDelly Ranxhas dropped his fourth studio effort dubbed,The Next Chapter, featuring a plethora of soothing sounds that showcase the artiste’s maturity as an artiste and a person. Released on July 10, The Next Chapter features a slew of veteran acts as well as promising newcomers as Delly Ranx hopes to bridge the growing generational gap within music; encouraging listeners of all ages to open their minds and ears to varying sounds.

Via press release, Delly Ranx described some of the features on The Next Chapter that he believes will resonate well with fans.

“I collaborated with Bunny Rugs from Third World on a song called Life After Lifetime. I also have a collab with Buju Banton called Thunder Roll. My youngest daughter Gabrielle Foster also collaborated with me on a song called Baby Cry and I did a song called One a Way Soldier (remix) with an artiste called Chali 2na,” he explained.

The Next Chapter also features many scintillating instrumentals and basslines reminiscent of old-school Reggae but with new age twists.

According to the self-professed Worl’ General, this new project will surely engage fans; helping them to appreciate Reggae music once more.

“It was worthwhile for me to release a Reggae album to bridge the gap between the younger folks and the elders so that people can appreciate Reggae again,” he said.

Delly Ranx landed in New York on Tuesday to promote The Next Chapter and was recently in Jamaica to plug his new release. Additionally, he performed in Mexico last week leading up the compilations’ release.

The Next Chapter is now available digitally on iTunes while physical copies of the album can be purchased through Delly Ranx’s official websitewww.dellyranx.com

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