Brut XT turns up the laughter with Jamaica’s first prank show


One of Jamaica’s fast rising brands seeks to create laughs in a unique way for local fans as they prepare to unveil the island’s first ever prank show.

Brut XT, a popular deodorant line for men has strived towards becoming more than just a regular brand as it’s reached out to Jamaicans through very interactive promotions that have engaged several teens and young people in general. Over the last two months, Brut XT showcased some of their innovative muscle by using social media outlets, Twitter and Facebook; using the latter to create several activities such as XTpress Yourself to XT Dance Nation in which fans can post creative pictures and dance videos showing vast elements of their personality for all to see.

Additionally, Brut XT held a pair of treasure hunts, with the first installment taking place in Kingston and most recent edition occurring in Portmore last month in which contestants had to dissect trivia questions ranging different subjects and unlock clues in order to emerge victorious.

Now, Brut XT looks to charter in unprecedented territory by creating Jamaica’s first ever TV show dedicated to the art of pranking people; mirroring the efforts of prominent American shows such as Candid Camera and Punk’d. The comedy show, dubbed You’ve Been X’T, will debut via Brut XT’s official YouTube page very soon and will offer fans a unique opportunity to host the show themselves.

Fans are being encouraged by Brut XT by logging on to their official Facebook page to outline their prank, who they’d like to pull said prank on and why they should be chosen to host You’ve Been X’T. In staying with the show’s exciting realm, judges for You’ve Been X’T will select a different host for the online comedy program each month.

To learn more information about how you can participate in You’ve Been X’T, visit their official Facebook page at: or follow them via Twitter:


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