Smoke Shop gets caught up in the ‘Summer Hype’

The Toronto Dancehall scene has been buzzing in recent weeks with the emergence of Smoke Shop Productions’ new Riddim, ‘Summer Hype’


Emerging Dancehall/Reggae producing entity, Smoke Shop Productions has hit all the rights notes on a newcompilation fitting for the energy of this highly anticipated season.

The Canadian-based label recently unveiled their brand new project, the Summer Hype Riddim; featuring a number or tracks from some of the country’s top Dancehall/Reggae acts that will surely be a hot sell within music circles. With almost 20 songs to its credit, the Summer Hype Riddim unleashes a full blast of Jamaican talent who’ve become major factors within Toronto’s music scene in recent times.

One of the headliners on Summer Hype is young singing sensation, Alty-B who continues his ascendancy within music’s framework with Love Ah Come Dung. With singles such as the Smoke Shop produced, No More and the JonFX produced, Girl getting instant airplay and positive reception,Love Ah Come Dung once again shows Alty-B’s love for the ladies as he speaks of an intense encounter with a woman awed by his presence as their minds and bodies intertwine in the most pleasurable of ways.

Another rising Dancehall star comes to the forefront onSummer Hype with a different concept is Eyesus, who unveils the track, Gone a BBQ. The single speaks of a Canadian tradition each summer where people will gather at a barbeque, taking advantage of the warm weather with fresh meat on the grill and girls who seek a thrill. For Dancehall lovers, Gone a BBQ will spark visions of hot food and even hotter girls, two aspects which makes the season so ideal.

Veteran Dancehall/Reggae star, Lindo P tell the girls toBubble Up on Summer Hype as he ignites the party vibe consistent with this lively period of the year while upcoming artiste, Ziggy Eva Strap follows suit with his anthem, Party Nice.

Other acts to watch on the Summer Hype Riddim includeDanger Matic who preaches self-empowerment on the trackHave Mi Own as well as Tristan 5 Star who speaks of the ideal party experience, describing it as Heaven Pon Earth.

The Summer Hype Riddim has become a hit within the 416 as well as several other Canadian area codes while also gathering steam in the Caribbean island of Bermuda.

For Smoke Shop Productions, this compilation is definitely worth the Summer Hype.

Download the Summer Hype Riddim for free via Hulkshare:


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