Top 10 – Jamaica’s hottest female media personalities

Amita Webb hails as the sultry host of CVM’s music countdown show, the FiWi Choice Top 10


Over the last few years, Jamaican television has become more appealing to watch; not just because of quality of shows that are starting to come out but the people (particularly women) who are hosting these programs.

As a young journalist myself, it’s been great to see the influx of young people involved in media. Even more pleasing to the eye are the borage of beautiful and talented women who’ve sparkled TV sets across the island and, quite frankly, it makes you want to pay more attention to the show, even if it’s not your cup of tea.

So, in honor of Jamaican women who keep our eyes glued to them on and off camera, here’s a personal list of the top 10 hottest female on-air media personalities in Jamaica.

10: Lauren Dunn – Mainstream Jamaica has only knownLauren Dunn for a short while but she’s already making big strides within local media. Her show, the Lauren O Lauren (LOL) show has garnered her praise for her unique and somewhat outrageous takes on topics within Jamaican pop culture; drawing her comparisons to American gossip queen,Wendy Williams.

However, Dunn’s attractive attributes, both figure and personality-wise present an aura that can easily draw in fans.Dating back to her days as a host on RETV as well as BETJ’sWicked Style, her potential has always been there and now a co-host on CVM TV’s The Vibe, that potential’s set to be showcased even more.

9: Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell – Despite controversies that drastically affected her media careerAmelia ‘Milk’ Sewellseems to have overcome all the drama and returned to the spotlight with some vengeance. Everyone remembers her as the eye-catching host of CVM’s E-Strip (Hit List) which made her a glowing phenomenon.

After fighting to reclaim her top-flight status since her sex tape scandal in 2008, Milk has slowly but surely re-emerged as a force in media, working with now incarcerated Dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel on his reality show, Teacha’s Pet as well as being a judge on Tastee’s Talent Trail. Her model-like looks have always made her hard to resist and regardless of past issues, there’s no denying she’s good at her craft.

8. Shemille Blake – The name might still be unfamiliar for some but the host of Guinness Sounds of Greatness sure seems to be a looker whose face and shape will stay etched in your mind for a while.

Former runner-up in the Miss Jamaica World 2005 pageant, Blake was selected to host the sound clashing program just last year. She adds a blend to the show which has been a hit with Dancehall and Reggae fans alike and with the show growing in popularity, more fans will be familiarized with this young beauty.

7: Ramona Samuels – With a sizzling Latin name, Ramona Samuels hails as an ebony princess with a royal touch on the microphone. Renowned as a voiceover specialist, Samuels has managed to sound sexy in British, French, Russian and Spanish for advertisements, making you want to hear anything that comes out of her mouth, even if it’s a in foreign language.

Not only has the multilingual beauty done advertisements for promoters locally, in the U.S. and even Australia but her infectious charm and seemingly flirtatious on-air persona has resonated well while hailing as a presenter on RETV. It’s safe to say that Samuels has viewers worldwide locked in at every possible opportunity when she’s on television.

6. Emprezz Mullings – Her name signifies the type of woman she is. Emprezz Mullings has always been appealing to the eye as a long time host of BET J’s Wicked Style and RETV’sDi Show as well as the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall until 2011. Her essence and pure vibe has always been admirable and she frankly embodies hard work and confidence; qualities that make a woman most attractive along with her looks.

Though her on-air appearances are less prevalent these days, she remains in the spotlight as the host of TVJ’s informative Talk Up Yout’ program as she delves into some of Jamaica’s ‘hot button’ issues with young people being the main focus of the show.

5. Debby Bissoon – Ever since TVJ added E-Prime to the Prime Time News package, the news has become more of intriguing and wide ranging. E-Prime’s presenter, Debby Bissoon offers the most legitimate reasoning for why the segment’s become a success. Well-spoken, professional and with the curves to match, Bissoon has done well on-air and her stock seems likely to continue rising, especially given her undeniable passion for anything Jamaican.

4. Keriann Lee – In past years, the Business Day was just another segment for those who watched TVJ News as, let’s be honest, it’s not the most exciting or intriguing part of the package despite the great works of its long-time host, Owen James. However, since Keriann Lee started appearing more regularly on the business review segment, more men are surely tuning in, mainly just to get a glimpse of her.

Not only is Lee a pleasure to look at during the nightly news broadcast, she’s also a refreshing face to wake up to on Wednesday mornings as she co-hosts Smile Jamaica withNeville Bell. The face, class and bust line all have us hooked on her. Here’s to hoping she continues to make business interesting to watch in the years to come

3. Amita Webb – This former Miss Jamaica Worldcontestant just has it all it seems: The perk, charm and figure fit for any runway. Amita Webb does it all as both a student of the University of the West Indies (UWI) as well as the host of CVM’s FiWi Choice Top 10 countdown show.

Her beauty and appeal has made FiWi Choice arguably the most popular countdown program in Jamaica and could land her even greater media ventures down the line. Recently announcing her first pregnancy via Twitter, Webb will soon have mother added to her titles but given how successful she’s been at all the others, this one promises good returns also.

2. Pepita Little – From the moment Pepita Little graced TVJ’s stage as the host of TVJ’s entertainment program, Intenseas just 17, thousands of eyes were stuck to their respective television screens. Face, shape and a bubbly personality all wrapped up into one, Pepita made Intense the reputable show it is today and won Media Personality of the Year at theYouth View Awards as a result of her hard work on that show.

Though unceremoniously let go by the program last December, it wasn’t long before her next breakthrough came as she’s set to host Tastee Talent Trail later this year. And hey, if she decides to quit speaking with a microphone on camera, Pepita’s got the studio mic as a valid backup plan as evidenced by her debut single, Luv Luv Me which illustrates the dual threat this young beauty possesses.

1. Yanique Barrett – Honestly, there aren’t enough adjectives in the English language to describe this woman’s looks. Sexy, sassy, sultry, addictive and I can go on and on. Ever since her debut on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehalllast year when she danced on a roof top and sported a memorable beach ensemble while riding a boat, the public couldn’t get enough of Barrett.

From her unique sense of style to her quite outgoing persona, Barrett has become the next big thing in media locally. Also co-hosting FAME FM’s E-Blaze and RETV’s 5 to 7 Live program, Barrett literally has been all over Jamaican television and radio while also voicing on several advertisements. Without question, she’s Jamaica’s hottest media personality both on and off-camera.


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