Alty-B scorches Dancehall scene with trio of summer singles

Dancehall star, Alty-B has teamed with Smoke Shop Productions to release three new singles for the summer including, ‘No More’


Emerging Dancehall star, Alty-B has launched several musical salvos as he aims to vigorously assert himself on the Dancehall scene this summer with three newly-released singles.

The highly rated, Toronto-based Jamaican singjay recently teamed up with Smoke Shop Productions on a trio of songs that surely will leave a strong a positive impact on the Dancehall scene. Featuring on three pulsating summer Riddims created by Smoke Shop, Alty-B used this collaboration as an opportunity to spread his wings lyrically with various concepts and ideas which feed these songs with the required substance necessary to launch his credibility to new heights.

Firstly amongst this string of singles is No More, an effort in which Alty-B defers from the typical, playboy lifestyle of an artiste and declares himself a one-woman man. In No More, Alty-B offers a convincing delivery on Smoke Shop’s Sour Sap Riddim, contrasting the beat’s name as he portrays himself as a sweetheart for his main lady who he doesn’t want to let go after admittedly hurting her in the past.

Alty-B sings, “Never ever felt a pain like this, till mi girl seh she doe wan no more of this, no more hug, no more kiss, cyaah believe seh it come down to dis. Who seh big man nuh cry, dem a fool, tears weh mi cry fi yuh cudda full a pool, mi use fi be the top gallis; so smooth but right yah now mi feel like a fool.”

The Drewsland native turns it up a notch for the ladies once more with Love Ah Come Dung on the Summer Hype Riddim, which features fellow up-and-coming acts such asZiggy Eva Strap and Eyesus and has been the talk of Toronto’s Dancehall scene in recent weeks. This single will have women dancing in clubs and sessions both across North America and in Jamaica as Love Ah Come Dung is dedicated to the females who are confident and aren’t hesitant to go after the men they want; showing actions instead of words.

But with the ladies and constant airplay on his mind with these two efforts that will infiltrate the party scene, Alty-B has also reach out to the streets with Run Up and Dung on theDuppy Bat Riddim in which he paints a hardcore yet imaginative picture of what will happen to those who negatively confront him.

“Mi seh mi nah haffi a pound a weed fi tek a bwoy life, say sommen mi nuh like yuh brain will fly weh like a kite, faster than a motorbike, dem try fi cut mi with a knife, Smoke Shop and everything is alright,” he deejays.

Already the songs have been well-received on YouTube and are available for free download online as Alty-B once again unleashes his lyrical onslaught on Dancehall music for all to enjoy.


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