Usain Bolt may faces charges following car accident

Reigning Olympic champion sprinter, Usain Bolt could face charges following his highly publicized car crash in Kingston on Sunday


Two days after world record holding Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt was involved in a one vehicle accident in Kingston, local police are implying that the megastar athlete could face charges as a result of the incident.

On Sunday morning, Bolt crashed his black BMW into a guard rail in Half Way Tree as he was returning from a popular party around 5 a.m. local time. Bolt escaped the crash unhurt and his publicist, Carole Beckford later confirmed that the 100m and 200m record winning track star was resting at home.

However, Bolt may not hear the last of this incident as law enforcement officials in Kingston suggest that the reigning Olympic champion could be charged regarding his accident; claiming that he may face legal ramifications should he be deemed at fault for the car crash following ongoing investigations.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Glenroy Hinds told theJamaica Gleaner“No one is above the law and justice will be served with equity and thorough investigations will be undertaken just the same.”

He continued, “We operate a legal regime here in Jamaica. All persons who are found guilty before the courts will go through the same process, and will be charged accordingly. The only exception is diplomats in a state that is accredited. Every person in Jamaica is subject to the law. The matter will be investigated and there will be no escape.”

Under Jamaica’s Road Traffic Act, anyone who drives a vehicle without due care and attention or without consideration for other persons using the road shall be found guilty of an offence and would be liable on conviction to a penalty of JA$5,000.

Senior superintendent in charge of the Police Traffic DivisionRadcliffe Lewis intimated that Bolt was issued a breathalyzer test and was deemed sober while also confirming that a statement on the accident was collected from Bolt, but the information on said statement was sketchy and that they are trying to contact the sprinter to find out more details of the crash.

Since the incident, Lewis says his force has received public scrutiny and pressure; suggesting that Bolt is receiving special treatment from locals.

However, Lewis intimated that Bolt’s popularity will have no influence on their ongoing investigation.

“Not because he is a world celebrity we are going to compromise our position, but we have discretion and if it is to be applied it will be, so we need for him to come so that we can have dialogue,” he said.

“He is a youngster and he will do what youngsters do to enjoy themselves, but not to that extreme. I am not here to ridicule youngsters but here to guide them and a warning is one way to guide a youngster and so discretion will be used.”

The incident took place just days after he and fellow Jamaican sprinter, Asafa Powell returned from a Diamond Leaguemeet in Oslo, Norway as they finished first and second respectively.

Furthermore, this marks the second time in three years that Bolt was involved in a car accident as in 2009, he crashed another BMW M3 into a ditch along Highway 2000. Bolt escaped unharmed following that accident but had a minor operation on his foot after stepping on thorns while trying to escape the wreckage.


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