‘No Jamaican shows right about now,’ says Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas insists that he won’t be doing any Dancehall shows anytimes soon just weeks after a shortened performance at ‘Best of the Best’ in Miami


Jamaican fans may be made to wait for a while before they see internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singer, Mr. Vegas performs on a local stage show.

Following a shortened set at the Miami-based Best of the Best stage show on Memorial Day weekend, Vegas has seemingly decided to be more selective with which types of shows he’ll be perfoming on going forward. During a recent interview on CVM TV’s D’Wrap, the veteran singjay revealed that he won’t be gracing a local show anytime soon.

“No Jamaican shows right about now. If you wanna see me in Jamaica, you see me at any show or one a dem show deh. Di Jamaican people dem understand. I want to perform my song dem and sometimes some of these show doh mek yuh perform what yuh want to perform. It’s just simple as that,” he said.

According to Vegas, he’ll be looking to perform in shows across Europe and parts of America given that with certain Dancehall shows, he isn’t allotted enough time to perform his catalogue of hit singles.

“I don’t want to perform on any Dancehall shows with this type of situation because this is what happens: You have to go and rush the show…I’d rather perform in Europe and perform in the West coast in America and all these places because yuh get to perform and do yuh show,” he intimated.

“That’s why I’m not doing no Reggae Sumfest Dancehall night and I’m not doing any Dancehall show wid any rush rush ting…If unnu wah put mi pon unnu festival, unnu put mi pon unnu festival where mi can work a good 45 (minutes) or an hour.”

Despite his position, Mr. Vegas remains in high demand both locally and internationally as a result of his new double album, Sweet Jamaica, which recently copped a top ten spot on the U.S. Billboard Reggae Charts. It marked the fourth occasion that Vegas has made the chart, joining Heads High (1998), Damn Right (2001) and Hot It Up (2007).

By TorontoDeejays.com

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