Deva Bratt reportedly cops assault charges

Dancehall artiste, Deva Bratt has reportedly copped assault charges following an incident at his home last week.


Veteran Dancehall star, Sheldon Smith, more popularly known as Deva Bratt has once again embroiled himself in legal trouble after the renowned deejay reportedly copped assault charges stemming from an incident last week.

According to reports, Deva Bratt was arrested and later charged with indecent assault and assault occasioning bodily harm following an encounter with two women at his Portmore home last week, where he allegedly made sexual advances on them. However, after both females refused to engage in such activity with the artiste, an exchange occurred which led to Deva Bratt allegedly assaulting both women.

Reports have indicated that one of the women had been punched in the face and left with bruises while the other complained that Deva Bratt tried to push his hands in her pants. As a result, a police report was filed at the Bridgeport Police Station in St. Catherine.

Deva Bratt now faces a hearing on June 12 inside theSpanish Town Resident Magistrates Court in which he will answer to both charges. It’s understood the Krucial Konflictartiste’s camp will respond to the allegation in a statement very soon.

This news comes five months after the former Portmore Empire member was freed from a 2008 carnal abuse charge in which he was accused of sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl at his home. The charge was dropped by the defendant in that case as she no longer wished to pursue the matter in court.


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