Xyclone creating a storm within Dancehall

Dancehall artiste, Xyclone has performed alongside some of Dancehall’s elite such as Mavado, Beenie Man and his long-time mentor, Spragga Benz


It’s often hard for upcoming artistes within any genre to breeze through the industry given the many hurdles that must be faced. But for emerging Dancehall star, Xyclone, he’s stormed through the genre’s circles with impactful results.

Born Roje R. Robinson, Xyclone had an affinity for Dancehall music from a young age; a love which seemed genetically inclined given that his father, Peter Blacks hails as the iconic disc jockey of the Reggae Vibrations sound system in Philadelphia, PA.

After years of trying to perfect his craft, Xyclone soon caught his big break after meeting up with veteran Dancehall megastar, Spragga Benz who had been instrumental in the rise of fellow Dancehall superstar, Assassin. Xyclone recalls his meeting with Spragga Benz in 2007; a meeting which helped build their chemistry off-stage before ever working together on it.

“We were watching a movie, The Black Wall Street to be exact. I never forgot that night, it was December 26th, Sting night and the artist did a eat some vegetables and beans. And wi did a reason about the plot of the movie’ nothing music, just a reason like we knew each other for years,” he said.

From there, it was all systems go for Xyclone’s career as he then signed to Spragga Benz’s highly regarded Red Squarestable, which features label mates Briggy Benz, Tajji, Bad Gal Bambi and Kemmikal. As a member of Red Square Tropical Heat Productions (RSQTHP), Xyclone has brought along his writing, producing and engineering abilities to the table, immediately showing his multi-faceted traits.

After showing his potential on track such as Champagne Lifeand Not Again (Fake Friends) in 2010,Xyclone quickly ascended within Dancehall’s ranks the following year as he unveiled several noteworthy tracks such as Nuh Frighten Wi, Back It Up and It’s My Earthstrong which showed his potential to successfully garner support within the underground ranks as well as in the clubs.

In 2012, Xyclone has asserted his presence even more with tracks such as Money & Girls as well as Baddest? Explain Dat, a song which took lyrical shots at fellow up-and-comer,Masicka while also showing off his strong vocals and proving himself as a worthy threat within the industry.

All of his attributes have led to Xyclone performing alongside many of Dancehall’s best including his mentor, Spragga Benz, Beenie Man, Demarco and Mavado. Additionally, he’s worked with several noted producers such as Llamar ‘Rif Raf’ Brown (Notice Productions), Bobby Chin (Black Chiney), and Red Square’s own Survivor Slim who also hails as one of his managers along with Roy Fearon.

Having secured a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance,Xyclone has shown himself a full-rounded person who can achieve great things away from the microphone.

With his resume’ boasting several commendable accomplishments, Xyclone looks to continue his run towards superstardom.

By TorontoDeejays.com

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