Lady Saw and Tifa not at odds

Lady Saw (middle) and Tifa (right) insist that there is no feud between them despite recent speculation following an interview which aired on TVJ recently


Two of Dancehall’s leading ladies have rubbished speculation of a developing feud between each other following a recent interview that sparked some controversy.

The Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw was the subject of an interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report which aired last Friday in which she was asked about which current female artiste could be next in line to take over the Dancehall scene. When asked if prominent divas, Tifa and Spice were the artistes best fit to succeed her, Lady Saw was claimed to have said, ‘Never in my league, my shoes can never be filled.’

However, the iconic deejay categorically denied saying that in response to the question of her successor; insisting that she was displeased with the way Entertainment Report edited her interview.

“They asked me about Spice and Tifa, and then cut up the interview and put in the part where I said ‘nobody can walk in my shoes’. I am very disappointed about the interview. Spice is a good friend of mine and to cut up the interview like that hurt me deeply,” Lady Saw told the Jamaica STAR.

However, speculation about a beef with Tifa intensified after rumors spread that Tifa had been impregnated by Lady Saw’s longtime boyfriend, John John. Tifa had reportedly sent a Blackberry Broadcast Message prior to the interview in which she denied taking away Lady Saw’s boyfriend while claiming that these rumors were part of an ongoing publicity stunt.

Lady Saw did relent that there were parts of Tifa’s message that she took offence to.

“In the broadcast she said she never take any artiste gyal man and that if it’s publicity stunt we are looking. I didn’t appreciate that. So I called her mom and told her what offended me. They were assuming that I had something to do with the rumor and that is what hurt me,” she said.

Despite these issues, Lady Saw intimated that she has knownTifa ever since the Spell It Out singer was a baby and stated that she would never do or say anything to disrespect her.

Meanwhile, Tifa also denied a feud with Lady Saw while revealing that the rumors spread about her not only did damage to her reputation but also cost her bookings for upcoming shows.

“Rumors were circulating about me dating and being pregnant for Lady Saw’s boyfriend and everything spiraled out of control. I was then hinted to the fact by persons that this was all part of a plot against me. All of those allegations are ludicrous and I don’t even have a phone number for this man. People were querying my bookings due to the fact that persons believed I was pregnant. I can’t have this nonsense affecting my shows. I do not have any beef with Lady Saw and I respect her as a ‘fore-mother’ who paved the way for artistes like me,” she said.

Lady Saw says that she’s currently working on her new studio album which will be unveiled later this year while Tifa is due to release her debut album this summer.


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