L.A. Lewis starts ‘Gaza’ group, wants to recruit Popcaan

L.A. Lewis has formulated the ‘Gaza Federation’ which features former Portmore Empire deejay, Doza Medicine


Just when you figured that Jamaican entertainer, L.A. Lewiswas finally out of the public eye, the Seven Star Generalhas returned to the scene in a more reputable light, as a musician.

Lewis, who recently faced allegations of defacing public property with graffiti, has decided to turn his full attention to the music business as the outlandish entertainer has formed a new group dubbed, the Gaza Federation.

Currently incarcerated Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartelcontinues to be recognized as the ‘Gaza Emperor’ ever since leading the Portmore Empire to prominence during its inception in 2007. The group has produced some noteworthy acts including its founder, Deva Bratt and internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan.

Now, Lewis looks to replicate that success as he insists that he has taken the task upon himself to lead the ‘Gaza’ while Kartel remains behind bars as well as groom young artistes he intends to push on a greater scale.

“Mi live a Portmore and mi like wah Kartel did a do…a buss the youths but now dem a frame him so we just a continue it. Mi a run di thing because nobody nah really run it. When him come back him a di boss still, but for now me a run it,” Lewis told the Jamaica STAR.

The group includes a slew of younger artistes as well as former Portmore Empire deejay, Doza Medicine.

However, the Seven Star General isn’t fully content with his roster as he’s set to put in a shock request for Popcaan to join his group. According to Lewis, Popcaan must join theGaza Federation within a week or he will face consequences.

“Everybody have him as a Judas so mi a give him a week fi come sign in back,”he said.

Additionally, Lewis will approach Deva Bratt about possibly joining his camp. However, the Krucial Konflict recording artiste has already shot down such speculation.

“No time! A Krucial Konflict mi a seh right now, mi an mi artiste dem happy right now and just a work,”he told the Jamaica STAR.

Nevertheless, Lewis has already begun work on the Gaza Federation’s first compilation entitled, War Season. Following the Riddim’s theme, Lewis will now use the stage name, War Angel, leaving his more recognized moniker for business transactions.

Additionally, Lewis recently released singles such asWarning Shot and War Season in which he dissed Bounty Killer protégés, Kiprich and Iyara; insisting that they’ve been fighting against the Gaza Federation for quite some time.

“Mi do three tune fi KipRich an all now him nuh answer like a scared him scared. Lyar (Iyara) a KipRich spouse so mi just a rub out di whole a dem and di corruption. From yuh fight against wi system yuh a fight against the Gaza Federation. A we a di secret society.”

By TorontoDeejays.com

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