Da’Ville makes triumphant return to the Jamaican music scene

Da’Ville is back with a bang as he returns to the mainstream music scene following a recent hiatus. His new album will debut late this month, near the time of the official TorontoDeejays.com website launch


In a music industry filled with perks and temptation, many artistes face the challenges associated with this world and fail to overcome. However, Orville ‘Da’Ville’ Thomas hails as a testament to the contrary.

Known for several hit singles such as Banana, Can’t Get Over You and This Time I Promise, Da’Ville captivated the Jamaican and international music communities with his scintillating vocals as he emerged into one of the island’s most noteworthy singers. However, it was his smash hit,Always On My Mind which made Da’Ville a universally acclaimed sensation as the chart-topping single, along with the remix featuring Grammy-Winning deejay, Sean Paulmade him an undoubted mainstream success. It’s a single he still credits as a launching pad for his career.

“I have to give thanks to God above for that record because I still tour on that record/album and have to sing the song sometimes 4-5 times before I can get off stage,” he toldExaminer.com

The people dem still love it. ‘On my Mind’ will forever be a classical song.”

With that, it seemed Da’Ville was well on his way towards super stardom as fellow hit songs such as When I’m With You and Blowing Up My Phone garnered him strong international exposure as well as chart success. However, the local music community seldom heard from Da’Ville in the last couple of years given his album obligations in other territories of the world such as Japan where he released his fourth studio effort, Ichiban in 2009.

But with the ongoing trials and tribulations of the music industry taking its toll, Da’Ville also faced his share of personal problems; leading him to take a self-imposed sabbatical from recording to try and gather himself on and off stage.

I’m a humble calm yute but with some wicked thoughts that mi know sey will mek me page some people so I just had to hold a loooongggggg meditation,” he explained.

 “Sometimes in life you have to step back and stop and observe. You can’t just keep going full speed ahead until you crash.”

After doing some soul searching and following requests from fans, media and producers, Da’Ville has returned to the music industry a rejuvenated figure; slowly reingratiating himself with supporters with well received efforts such asPromises, You Got Di Ting and Deh Pon Mi Mind.

As a thank you and heartfelt explanation to his fans on his sudden departure from the music scene, Da’Ville recently unveiled the video for his single, Took A Break that gave insight into the reasoning for his hiatus from the industry. ForDa’Ville his career experiences have opened his eyes towards what and what isn’t legitimate in the music world.

“The music scene, bling ,money ,women ,bright lights and DA’VILLE is all some people see but they don’t see Orville Thomas.  You can really get lost in this game call music sometimes and just can’t trust nobody around you.  People around you become “yes men”, and leaches that after a while, you just want to isolate yourself from them and hold a medi cause dem no real. Sometimes you can’t even trust your own friends or even family,” he intimated.

“There is a point where you start to think that your fans care more about you than your family because they show appreciation for your hard work and your music. This is just my reality at times.”

Da’Ville’s road to redemption will culminate in the release of his fifth album which will be unveiled on May 27.  For theFashozy Records artiste, not only will this compilation show his evolution musically but it offers fans an in-depth look into the man whose life buzzes with excitement.

“My life is like a soap opera, addictive with not a dull moment…this album will keep you listening cause each track on the album is a different song to a next episode so stay tuned,” he insists.

Meanwhile, Da’Ville revealed that he has a busy schedule ahead as he approaches the summer, with shows in New Jersey and Ohio during the weekend of the album’s release as well as a European tour.

I’m going off to my European tour for a month and when I return its back to all the other scheduled dates as well as album signings, album releases and appearances. I’m keeping it crazy busy.”

For a seemingly jovial and optimistic Da’Ville, music continues to be his passion; a passion that motivates him to become a better person in his own right.

“I can never stop making music, even if it’s to myself….I sing every day, all day long till even my 4 year old niece have to tell me to shut up,” he joked.

“It’s just time to get back to what I love doing cause I could never stop no matter what obstacles I may face.”

By TorontoDeejays.com

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