Ity and Fancy Cat working on new sitcom

Ian 'Ity' Ellis (left) and Alton 'Fancy Cat' Hardward (right) are in the process of developing ideas for a new sitcom they plan to unveil later this yearProminent Jamaican comedic duo, Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis andAlton ‘Fancy Cat’ Hardware are set to begin the fifth season of their highly regarded TV series. However, they’re also preparing to unveil a new way of making their audience laugh.

With the Ity and Fancy Cat show due to return to Television Jamaica (TVJ) this summer, the duo has already outlined plans for an upcoming sitcom, based on one of comedy show’s most popular characters, the ‘Country Helper,’ played by Kathy Grant. According to Ellis, fans should expect the best from this new venture as they seek to build on their growing television success.

“We are using this season to develop the character so that when the sitcom is released, they will already be familiar with the character,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

“We are doing everything in our power to make it happen. We are challenging ourselves to do at least two television programs a year.”

In addition to the sitcom, Ity and Fancy Cat are also looking to unleash an upcoming series with popular comedian and singjay, Donald ‘Iceman’ Anderson.

However, neither of these ideas will be put to practice until the conclusion of the Ity and Fancy Cat this August. This milestone season for the skit-laden show will see many adjustments this season, including the shooting of episodes across all 14 Jamaican parishes, starting with St. Thomas this week. Additionally, two new characters will be introduced in a skit that was shot on April 30 in Kingston.

For Ellis, this season’s show will put an even funnier twist on Jamaican current affairs.

“We have a lot of stuff being planned that are being influenced by the news of the day. Some things will shock people in a very pleasant way. We also look forward to the news to spin it in a comedic way,” he said.

Furthermore, there will be added emphasis on puppetry and animation, two aspects of Jamaican comedy and theatre that have rapidly evolved in recent years.

Ellis says he and his comedic partner are overwhelmed with the support they’ve received from fans; support which motivates them to continue their show, which has gained mass acclaim across Jamaica.

“It has become one of the TV calendar events that Jamaicans look forward to. We are challenged every year to register very high on the laughter meter. Jamaicans nuh want no lukewarm thing, dem waan go pon the floor.

Season 5 of the Ity and Fancy Cat show will begin airing later this month.


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