Raine Seville, fellow entertainers protesting child abuse in Jamaica

Raine Seville will be one of several entertainers who will lead the Help Jamaica Children march and rally today in Kingston.


Following a recent revelation regarding the upturn in child molestation within Jamaican homes, prominent Reggae singer, Raine Seville has decided to join the fight against this disturbing trend.

On Tuesday, between noon and 6 p.m. Jamaican time, Raine Seville and several other public figures will lead the Help Jamaica Children road march and rally against child molestation and abuse. This after a newspaper article published at the beginning of April did an in-depth piece about Jamaican children who are molested in their homes by child predators.

The lead article, published in the Jamaica Observer on April 1, details comments from Dr. Sandra Knight of theBustamante Hospital For Children who offered gut-wrenching facts regarding the level of sexual violence amongst children in the island while the piece also explored the measures, or lack thereof, being taken to curb this trend.

Many Jamaicans were moved and even outraged by learning of these developments, including Raine Seville, who felt obligated to join the Help Jamaica Children movement which could also feature fellow entertainers, politicians, parents and members of children services.

“We are protesting against child molestation. After reading a very horrific newspaper article recently, I felt moved,” she told the Jamaica STAR.

That desire to lead such as cause against child abuse inspired Raine Seville to conjure the Play Your Part medley which speaks out against the issue. The Payday Music Group produced single, which hails as the Help Jamaica Children campaign’s theme song, features an all-star lineup of artistes including Bounty Killer, Konshens, Voicemail, Chevaughn, Red Rat, Omari andCherine Anderson to name a few.

Over 500 people have signed up for today’s march which begins at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston before heading to Emancipation Park for the rally. However, the Tra La La singer hopes that many more Jamaicans will participate in this important event.

“We will appreciate whatever support. I would love to see a roadblock. It’s the only way to win the war against child molestation.”

By TorontoDeejays.com

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