Versatile calls out Demarco, challenges singjay to lyrical battle

Versatile has come to the defense of his long time friend, Popcaan who's been called out by prominent singjay, Demarco in recent weeks

Emerging Dancehall artiste, Versatile has inserted himself into the growing feud between two of Jamaica’s most acclaimed deejays while showing where his allegiance lies in the matter.

The Dancehall world continues to buzz over the recent exchanges of lyrical jabs between internationally acclaimed singjay, Demarco and prominent Dancehall superstar,Popcaan. The two deejays have been beefing ever since Demarco accused the Ravin’ deejay of stealing his style while claiming that the self-proclaimed ‘Gaza Prefect’ is overrated.

How does Versatile fit into this equation you ask? TheRomeich Records artiste hails as a long-time friend ofPopcaan and after claiming that Demarco has said negative things about him in recent times, the young deejay insists that his recent disses of the Portmore Empire artiste prompted him to get involved.

Thus, Versatile recorded the single, All Talking Stop in which he constantly refers to Demarco as‘Demarsha,’ while lyrically attacking the singjay. For Versatile, Demarco’s recent comments were the last straw.

“First of all, I did a song called Give Thanks Fi Life and mi hear sey DeMarco a chat sey from him sing I Love My Life mi a follow, suh mi find out sey this thick man have thin skin suh mi a guh mek him get slim,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

Versatile intimated that his friendship with Popcaan dates back to their high school days and after hearing Demarco’s taunts, he felt compelled to stand up for the Gaza deejay.

 “Mi and Popcaan par every day and him dis Popcaan, suh Popcaan sey him a guh avoid it suh mi a guh deal wid it … I know Popcaan from high school, wi never guh the same school but he was always in my community, he even brought me to Vybz Kartel to sign me one time but a Romeich Records mi sey from dem time deh. Wi a brother suh mi a defend it,”he said.

Furthermore, Versatile challenged Demarco to counteract him lyrically in order to defend his reputation.

“Demarco, step up to the plate and answer because mi know sey yu a talk things … guh back a gym. The obesity something deh wey yu a suffa from nah guh work inna the music business,” he said.

But upon hearing of Versatile’s comments, Demarco denied that he’s even heard of Versatile or his recent diss track.

“Somebody answer mi? Mi nuh know who name suh. Mi haffi guh check that out … mi nuh have nothing against him, mi haffi guh listen the song,” he said.


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