Flexx drops new track

DANCEHALL artiste Flexx has teamed up with Kiprich on his latest single Party Liad. The single was produced by DJ Frass on the Riva Stone riddim.

According to him, the song as well as the music video, which was produced by IMEJE House Video Production and directed by Clint Smith/Stashment, has been enjoying rotation. He, however, would like more.

“The reception to the single thus far is phenomenal,” he told Jamaica Observer.

Flexx, who is known for songs including Gallis Fi Dem and Steppin Razor said the single is about “partying and flossin” and persons pretending to be high rollers.

“Everybody can relate to it,” he said.

With the proposal to make payola a criminal act, Flexx (given name is Omar Henry) said “it’s a serious matter.”

“I wouldn’t call it payola though. I would call it one hand wash the other, cause everybody has to eat,” he said.

Until then, he said he is working hard to come up with a fresh new sound to ignite the dancehall.


By TorontoDeejays.com

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