Flexxx says Mavado sold out, rules out possible reconciliation

Flexxx has once again taken shots at Mavado, claiming he's become a sellout since signing to We The BesT Music Group last September

by Jodee Brown

Former Gully Squad deejay, Flexxx has been quite vocal about a recent falling out with his former mentor in recent months and refuses to back down.

The Steppin’ Razor deejay and long-time friend, Mavado have been at odds ever since a radio interview last November in which the Gully Gaad denied that Flexxx was on tour with him while being named a person of interest in relation to a criminal investigation in the St. Andrew North region. Following that interview, Flexxx revealed in an interview that he had written many of Mavado’s material during the singjay’s early stages while the Settle Down deejay claimed that his former protégé had long been mimicking him.

Recently, Flexxx released a single on the Aurora Skies Riddim entitled Gangsta, which many in the Dancehall industry have speculated is a diss aimed at Mavado and current Gully Squad protégé, Chase Cross.

In the single, Flexxx deejays, “Real gangstas, we straight we no have no bend/we real we nah pretend/some bwoy dem no real, dem bad mind yuh but yuh nuh bad mind dem.”

In a recent interview with the Jamaica STAR, Flexxx neither confirmed nor denied that Gangsta was a diss song aimed at the Gully Squad.

“Well honestly, mi do me song and if anybody want to take it as a dis, den a fi dem business. Mi just a do me still. Mavado and Chase Cross have been saying a lot of things, but mi a nuh weak fence. Mavado know say a my lyrics dem him a deejay so if dem, a throw word, mi a throw word to. Dem nuh more than me,” he said.

Flexxx, now signed to Johnny Wonder’s Hapilos Entertainment also implied that Mavado has sold out ever since signing with DJ Khaled’sWe The Best Music Group last summer.

“Gully Side and Gully Squad never do nuttn fi me. Dem say mi sell out because mi sign to Hapilos, but him sign to We The Best wid DJ Khaled so him sell out to. The two a we sell out den,”he said.

As for any chance of reconciliation, Flexxx rules out the possibility of settling his lingering issues with his former mentor.

“Mi never sell out anybody. Him sell me out inna interview, mi good wid myself and mi good wid God. Mi nuh need fi reconcile wid nobody. I’m doing me, it matters not what anybody has to say.”

By TorontoDeejays.com

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