Konshens unveils female clothing line

by Jodee Brown

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Konshens has ventured into the entrepreneurial world with the release of his first clothing line, Oh-K.

The new brand hails as a clothing line exclusively catering to females featuring various designs suited for different sizes. Oh’K has already been released in several Kingston-based stores such as Fashion Addiction on Eastwood Park Road, Di Trends in Clock Tower Plaza in Half Way Tree and Honey Fashion on Constant Spring Road to name  a few.

According to Konshens, he decided to create an all-female clothing line given that most of his growing fan base consists of females.

“Females are my strongest fan base; they show me a lot of support so this is giving back to them. I don’t really have a style so I cannot decide what men must wear, but I know what I want to see females wearing, so that’s why I decided to go female,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

For the highly acclaimed deejay, the name Oh-K shows an element of surprise and his image as he aims to broaden his reputation as an emerging brand.

“Oh-K is a female-based clothing line and I chose that name because I think it is very catchy which also bears an element of surprise. Females will also be surprised to see how good the clothing is and the K also means Konshens,” he said.

Part of that imagery in Oh-K shows through different names of Konshens’ designs; names inspired by some of his hit songs.

“All of the designs are inspired by my songs and I have an input based on that. For example, the clothes that are already out are styled from songs like Pretty Devil and Bad Nuh BC of which Bad Nuh BC is the top seller,” he explained.

With plans to expand Oh-K, Konshens believes that more artistes should experiment with the entrepreneurial world as a way of building their fan followings.

By TorontoDeejays.com

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