Navino leaves J.O.P, still respects Aidonia

by Jodee Brown

Emerging Dancehall star, Navino has decided to part ways with long time mentor, Aidonia after announcing his departure from the Jag One Productions (J.O.P) camp.

Navino first made waves in 2010 with singles such as Gyal Mad Ova Mi and Money Inna Pocket. However, the young deejay scored his most successful hit last year when he released Chillin’ Time on the internationally acclaimed Overproof Riddim, earning him strong notice within the industry and seemingly made Navino next in line to reel in major mainstream success as a part of Aidonia’s J.O.P camp.

However, after being left off a tour headlined by Aidonia in January, Navino and manager, Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels noticed a change in vibes within the camp and decided to leave J.O.P in order to build his solo career.

According to Navino, he still respects Aidonia but believes that he can earn many more opportunities by leaving J.O.P.

“At the end of the day mi nah bash Aidonia. Mi still respect him but mi a deal wid business now. Anuh food fi di poor thing now,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

Part of the reasoning for leaving the Aidonia-led camp stems from the present structure in the camp where none of the artistes are signed and have no set income from performed stage shows.

“Mi deh inna a crew weh nuh man nuh sign. Mi a guh a show and nuh know wah mi a get. Mi stand up and question it sometime and Aidonia a seh things ago happen…but when?” he pondered.

“Mi still live wid mi people dem and when bills time come and mamma ask if mi can put a little ting to it, mi nuh have nuh money. She a seh a better mi guh look a work. Dem things deh break mi heart. A nuff time mi come from show and see mi light cut off and mi mother a cook pon coal stove. Things need fi change.”

As a result, Navino has given up his title as First Son and moves on being signed with the creators of his breakthrough hit on the Overproof Riddim, JA Productions after Aidonia sought help for shaping the artiste’s career

Roach thinks that Navino made the right decision joining up with the Justin Arison led JA Productions, intimating that Aidonia hasn’t maximized the talent his protégés protest.

“Which artiste around Aidonia buss since Aidonia buss? The youth (Navino) leave him with respect. Him have him son fi feed and take care of, Aidonia nuh have fowl fi throw corn gi.”

Earlier this week, Navino released his newest single, Who God Bless explaining his reasoning for leaving J.O.P.


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