Bunny Wailer unhappy with Marley film, blames family for carpet controversy

Bunny Wailer has expressed his frustration regarding certain aspects of the Marley film as he feels Bob Marley's impact on the Rastafari movement should have been more of a focal point


Marley, the first official documentary on the life and work of Reggae icon, Bob Marley has been lauded with compliments and praise regarding their portrayal of Jamaica’s most prominent musician. However, one of Marley’s closest friends believes the film failed to highlight an important aspect of his career.

Neville ‘Bunny Wailer’ Livingston, the lone surviving member of the legendary Reggae group, The Wailersfeatures prominently in Marley as he intellectually offers vast insights and anecdotes regarding Bob Marley’s personal and professional life. He initially agreed to become a part of this project given that Bob’s eldest son, Ziggy Marley was the executive producer; perhaps painting a more vivid picture of the Reggae icon on and off stage.

However, Wailer insists that when he saw the final cut, there was a major part of Bob Marley’s life that was inadequately portrayed: His Rastafarian beliefs. Inspired by the 1966 visit of Emperor Haile Selassie to Jamaica, Marley used his music to promote the realms of the Rastafari Movement.

According to Wailer, Marley should have used their platform to expand on such works.

“Rastafari was what Robert Marley sang about all his life. Rasta music is the legacy he has left us. When I looked, I did not see an emphasis on Rasta — our faith, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie and the influence these had on the man Robert Marley,”he told the Jamaica Observer.

“I was not pleased with that.”

Despite his grievances, Wailer intended to attend the Emancipation Park premiere of Marley on April 19 in Kingston. However, his tune quickly changed upon hearing before the event that a red, green and gold carpet, using Ethiopian colors that represent Rastafari, was used on Park grounds.

Several Rastafarians were outraged by this decision and Wailer didn’t hold back on his feelings regarding the matter.

“I was not comfortable with the fact that they had Rasta colors on the ground… it turned me off and I decided not to attend the event,” he said.

“It is all very troublesome and upsetting that all of this took place. How are they going to fix this?”

For Wailer, the only people who should be held accountable for this carpet faux pas are the Marley family; particularly Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley, eldest daughter, Cedella Marley and Island Records founder, Chris Blackwell whowere all instrumental in the preparations for the premiere.

“This was a total disgrace and I am happy I was not there to witness what Rita, Cedella and Chris Blackwell did to the memory of my brother. It was filthy and dirty and I could never be involved in anything like this. How are we going to heal? I don’t understand Rita,” he said.

Wailer played a key role in the rise of Bob Marley to universal superstardomHe, Marley and late Reggae icon,Peter Tosh proved a strong force as members of The Wailers within the Reggae industry between 1964 and 1973, recording classic singles such as Soul Shakedown, Trenchtown Rock, War and Get Up, Stand Up.

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Marley soundtrack tops Billboard Reggae chart

The official soundtrack for 'Marley,' has topped the Billboard Reggae charts in the United States and has done well across digital charts in North America


The official soundtrack for Marley, the first authorized documentary on the life and work of Reggae icon, Bob Marley has scored another major accolade for the late singer as it recently topped the U.S. Billboard Reggae charts.

The Marley soundtrack topped the Billboard Reggae chart last week following its official release on April 16, four days prior to the film’s North American premiere. The 24 track, two-disc set features many of Marley’s songs that play throughout the film as well as never before heard recording from the Reggae superstar.

The Island Records/Tuff Gong produced album features Marley’s first ever recording entitled, Judge Not which was produced by Leslie Kong in 1962. The soundtrack also features live performances of classic songs such as No Woman, No Cry, Trenchtown Rock and I Shot The Sheriffas well as singles while a member of The Wailers (including Bunny Wailer and Peter Tosh) like Get Up, Stand Up andHigh Tide or Low Tide.

The Marley soundtrack also features on three other Billboard charts, debuting at number 122 on the Billboard 200 album chart; number 20 on the R&B Hip Hop album chart; and number eight on the Soundtrack albums chart. Additionally, the compilation copped second spot on the iTunes charts in the United States as well as fourth position in Canada.

This achievement marks the 13th time a Marley album or compilation has topped the Billboard Reggae album chart. Marley is known for legendary album such as Exodus, Catch a Fire and Legend, which remains the top selling Reggae album of all time with over 25 million copies sold worldwide.

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Versatile calls out Demarco, challenges singjay to lyrical battle

Versatile has come to the defense of his long time friend, Popcaan who's been called out by prominent singjay, Demarco in recent weeks

Emerging Dancehall artiste, Versatile has inserted himself into the growing feud between two of Jamaica’s most acclaimed deejays while showing where his allegiance lies in the matter.

The Dancehall world continues to buzz over the recent exchanges of lyrical jabs between internationally acclaimed singjay, Demarco and prominent Dancehall superstar,Popcaan. The two deejays have been beefing ever since Demarco accused the Ravin’ deejay of stealing his style while claiming that the self-proclaimed ‘Gaza Prefect’ is overrated.

How does Versatile fit into this equation you ask? TheRomeich Records artiste hails as a long-time friend ofPopcaan and after claiming that Demarco has said negative things about him in recent times, the young deejay insists that his recent disses of the Portmore Empire artiste prompted him to get involved.

Thus, Versatile recorded the single, All Talking Stop in which he constantly refers to Demarco as‘Demarsha,’ while lyrically attacking the singjay. For Versatile, Demarco’s recent comments were the last straw.

“First of all, I did a song called Give Thanks Fi Life and mi hear sey DeMarco a chat sey from him sing I Love My Life mi a follow, suh mi find out sey this thick man have thin skin suh mi a guh mek him get slim,” he told the Jamaica STAR.

Versatile intimated that his friendship with Popcaan dates back to their high school days and after hearing Demarco’s taunts, he felt compelled to stand up for the Gaza deejay.

 “Mi and Popcaan par every day and him dis Popcaan, suh Popcaan sey him a guh avoid it suh mi a guh deal wid it … I know Popcaan from high school, wi never guh the same school but he was always in my community, he even brought me to Vybz Kartel to sign me one time but a Romeich Records mi sey from dem time deh. Wi a brother suh mi a defend it,”he said.

Furthermore, Versatile challenged Demarco to counteract him lyrically in order to defend his reputation.

“Demarco, step up to the plate and answer because mi know sey yu a talk things … guh back a gym. The obesity something deh wey yu a suffa from nah guh work inna the music business,” he said.

But upon hearing of Versatile’s comments, Demarco denied that he’s even heard of Versatile or his recent diss track.

“Somebody answer mi? Mi nuh know who name suh. Mi haffi guh check that out … mi nuh have nothing against him, mi haffi guh listen the song,” he said.

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Vybz Kartel’s common law wife reportedly targeted by thieves

Vybz Kartel's common-law wife, Tanesha 'Shorty' Johnson was reportedly the target of a failed robbery attempt that took place late Friday night


The bad news keeps piling up for prominent Dancehall entertainer, Vybz Kartel  as his common law wife nearly became the subject of a robbery on Friday.

Tanesha Johnson aka Shorty has been coping in recent months since Kartel was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges late last year as she tries to garner strength for their family the deejay will be exonerated. However, Johnson reportedly suffered a scare late Friday night as two men trespassed on her residence in Norbrook, St. Andrew.

According to Tuffchin.com, a source close to the situation relays that Shorty went outside looking for something in one of Kartel’s vehicles when she suddenly noticed two unidentified men acting suspiciously. One of the men hid behind Kartel’s S-Class Mercedes Benz while the other hid in a mango tree; prompting Shorty to scream and cry out for help.

Johnson’s screams seemingly scared off the men, causing them to escape by jumping over the walls of her neighbor’s home.

It remains unknown whether or not a police report has been filed following the incident.

Shorty hails as the mother of three of Vybz Kartel’s children. In recent months, she’s told of her children’s struggles to cope without their father, revealing in an interview last October that she had sought counseling for herself and her family.

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Toronto to host Jamaica 50th independence anniversary events

Canada will be holding several events to commemorate Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence, including 'Jamaican Rhythms' which will take place this June


With Jamaica closing in on their 50th anniversary of Independence, Canada’s largest city prepares to join in on the celebrations.

Known for its vast Jamaican populous, Toronto will play host to Jamaican Rhythms, one of several events in Canada that will celebrate the island’s golden anniversary of independence. Jamaican Rhythms will be held on June 28 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in downtown Toronto.

The event will feature Dancehall and Reggae veterans such as Yellow Man, Beenie Man, John Holt and Marcia Griffiths as well as British Reggae singer, Maxi Priest.Additionally, Jamaican Rhythms will feature local acts such as 2012 JUNO Award winner, Exco LeviJay DouglasandJUNO nominee, Steele.

According to Jamaican Rhythms producer, Denise Jones,the event will showcase the evolution of Jamaican music, from ska and rock steady to Dancehall.In addition to music,Jamaican Rhythms will feature many local dishes such as jerk chicken and patties.

“From our folk roots — kumina to ska, to rock steady, roots, lovers rock and dancehall, Jamaican Rhythms audience will hear the rhythms and see the moves of those decades,”Jones told the Jamaica Observer.

“They will not be missing out on the culinary delights from home either as there will be jerk chicken and rice and peas from select vendors and patties with all kinda fillings!”

Meanwhile, Jones also elaborated on two events that will take place in Toronto during Independence Day weekend in Jamaica. Jones plans to visit Jamaican soon to meet with the Canadian Jamaican Professional Network, who will hostEvening of Elegance on August 5 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. On Independence Day (August 6), Toronto will also hold the annual Jambana event, a celebration of local music and culture.

Jones explained the layout for the Jambana event.

“Laid out in the village concept, There’s the Entertainment Village – the stage is non-stop from start to finish. We have the Children’s Village — (this year the Canada-born kids will play hop scotch), Lick-A-Six Domino Village, Health Village, Travel and Trade Village, VIP Village, Food Village and Craft Village. In addition to fantastic music and dance, we include Edutainment, – an educational piece that is played out in an entertaining way,”

According to Jones, there’s been tremendous buzz for each of these events which she insists will represent Jamaica’s rich history to the fullest.

“Toronto is ready to Jump for Jamaica. Phones are ringing off the hook and ticket sales have started. The Jamaican community and friends of Jamaica — and they are many — are excited by the opportunity to see five decades of Jamaica’s music and dance rolled out on the stage of the Sony Centre,”

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Sizzla unveils new album

Sizzla Kalonji has released his 68th album, 'Don't Mislead The Youths' which features singles like 'Hotta Fire' and 'Learn To Read.'


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall/Reggae singjay, Sizzla Kalonji continues to slowly but surely ease his way back into a musical rhythm as he’s unveiled his latest album, Don’t Mislead the Youths.

The six track EP, released via United States based Reggae label, Locksmith Records hails as Sizzla’s 68th album and third since his near fatal motorcycle crash last August. Don’t Mislead the Youths features singles such as Hotta Fire on the Saudi Arabia Riddim as well as Learn to Read and the EP’s title track, Don’t Mislead the Youths.

Featuring a mixture of inspiring Reggae melodies as well as fiery Dancehall anthems, Don’t Mislead the Youths is currently available in both physical and digital formats. Fans can pick up the CD version inside select stores, including New York based record label, VP Records. Additionally, persons can buy Sizzla’s new album on iTunes as well as Amazon.com.

This effort comes nearly two months after the prominent singjay released The Chant in early March. During this period, Sizzla gave his first local performance since the bike crash with an Unplugged and Acoustics show in New Kingston and has toured sections of Europe despite calls from gay rights groups across the continent to prevent him from performing some events due to alleged violent lyrics against homosexuals.

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Konshens to host event in Connecticut next month


Fast rising Dancehall superstar, Konshens will once again seek to capitalize on his growing international exposure by hosting an upcoming event in the United States next month.

Konshens will co-host Spring Fever 2K12-Do Sumn! in Connecticut on May 4th, alongside popular disc jock and media personality, Nikki Z. The event, conceptualized byRisingStarsTV.net in collaboration with DNZ Productions, Scarface and Creepa Productions, will see Konshenspromote his successful new album, Mental Maintenancewhich has topped charts across three different continents and received strong acclaim in the U.S.; particularly in the Northeast.

Additionally, Konshens will perform several of his most recent hit singles such as Do Sumn, Gyal A Bubble and his first mainstream smash, Winner to name a few.

Music for Spring Fever 2K12-Do Sumn! will be provided from sound systems such as, Platinum Kids from New York City, DJ Scarface & Hot Lexx.

This will be Konshens’ first time as a headliner in Connecticut as he aims to take advantage of unprecedented buzz in the tri-state area as many of his recent songs have received consistent airplay in the region.

In the lead up to Spring Fever 2K12-Do Sumn! Konshenswill arrive in Connecticut on Thursday to begin promotional duties for the event as he will do radio promos over the next two days on Hot 93.7 FM with Nikki Z as well as other local radio stations.

SEE Jamaican Dance by Konshens here:  http://youtu.be/DgoIIiTCUcE

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Vybz Kartel’s ganja trial to begin next month


Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel will report to court next month for the beginning of his ganja trial.

The prominent deejay faces a May 22 court date in the matter, which will be resumed after a three month delay. The new trial date was scheduled earlier this week in the absence of Kartel, who was not brought to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on the day of the hearing.

Presiding resident magistrate, Maxine Ellis ruled that a writ must be issued for Kartel’s release from a Spanish Town based jail where he’s currently being kept in order to ensure that he makes the May court date.

Kartel has been incarcerated since last September when he was initially arrested at a New Kingston hotel following a major police operation in which they discovered a quantity of marijuana. Kartel, amongst others were then charged with illegal possession of marijuana

Meanwhile, Kartel will appear in court on Friday as he once again seeks bail in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams murder case. On Monday, the Crown handed over audio and video evidence they believe will implicate Kartel and his co-accused, includingPortmore Empire protégé, Shawn Storm and designer/road manager, Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye.

Law enforcement officials allege that Kartel and other took Williams to a residence in Havendale, St. Andrew where he was later beaten and stabbed to death after an argument regarding the disappearance of illegal guns.

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Denyque fights back following nude photo scandal on controversial new blog


A new social blog in Jamaica has raised many eyebrows as well as drawn the eyre of several women islandwide after discovering naked pictures and videos being leaked on the website without permission.

Over the last week, social media has been buzzing over the website, jamaicangirlsexposed.com which has posted several XXX rated picture women ranging from entertainment figures to business women, as well as several citizens. The identities, addresses and Facebook contact information of these women have been released on the website, triggering several safety concerns.

One of the women affected by this infamous blog is prominent Reggae artiste, Denyque who suddenly appeared on the page later Monday night. A nude photograph of the Can’t Breathe singer headlined jamaicangirlsexposed.com along with a picture of her kissing a male in a bedroom setting. The administrators of the website, who remain unknown, demanded that Denyque pay JA$50,000 in exchange for the removal of this material.

Angered and disgusted by these developments, Denyquecontacted law enforcement officials as well as her legal team on Tuesday in an attempt to discover who’s behind this website and hold them responsible for their actions.

Denyque released a statement on Tuesday afternoon detailing what led up to these events and what she plans to do going forward to stop this from happening.

The release read in part, Sometime last week, a rouge blog appeared on the blogosphere and began posting revealing, nude, and personal photos of women. During this time, the operators of this shameful blog threatened to reveal similar photos of me which they obtained by hacking into my personal computer and phone.”

“The photographs were taken sometime in 2009 and were NEVER sent or otherwise distributed to ANYONE. They have remained my private property.”

“Let me be CLEAR that these photographs were also taken when I was in a committed relationship and that both myself and my partner, at the time, remain equally puzzled and disappointed at the surfacing of these photographs.”

“My management team contacted the operators of the blog on Friday of last week, and asked them to remove the photos or face legal consequences to which the operators of the blog, under the name “Nadine Stewart”, responded with scoffs and laughs.”

“My manager emailed them again and asked them to remove the photos, to which they responded and a MALE called from an “unknown” number, with a demand for $50,000 to remove these photographs. I have refused to comply. There is simply no way I will stand for blackmail and extortion. Absolutely none, and I have since reported the matter to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

According to Denyque, not only will she stand up for herself and try to dissuade similar attempts to damage her reputation, but she’ll become the outspoken representative for fellow victims.

“What about the other ladies on the blog? How do they begin to re-assemble their lives after these hackers and scammers wreak havoc? What happens when this wretched person decides that $50,000 is no longer enough money? What happens when the blog CONTINUES to post these illegally obtained photos and continues to destroy people’s lives? I will not stand for that. I will not support it,” she said.

“I am prepared to be the voice of all the innocent women who are being exploited, I refuse to sit back and be silent! It is clear that the operators of this blog harbour a great hatred for women and the idea of privacy that all consenting adults are entitled to. It needs to be shut down and the operators jailed.”

“I have accepted that as a person in the public eye, I am held to a higher standard of judgement, but I do not accept that I am not allowed the same privacy and space. I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the persons who have offered me their support, compassion, love and well wishes. I feel truly honoured and blessed. Notwithstanding I will continue to be an advocate in defence of the innocent women who have suffered at the hands of this cruel act.”

The website features previews of pictures and videos they intend to release of more women going forward and even threatened to unveil naked photos of former Intense host turned Reggae singer, Pepita Little before backing off that claim.

Mavado to star in upcoming film

Mavado showing peace sign for 2012by 

International exposure keeps accumulating for prominent Dancehall singjay, Mavado as he’s set to take on a new realm of the performing arts: Acting.

The Alliance artiste will be starring in the upcoming movie, Shottas Too (Shottas 2), a sequel to the revered urban flick, Shottas. The original installation of the film was unveiled 10 years ago, telling a story of two young men who grew up in the troublesome areas of Kingston participated in organized crime in the Jamaican capital as well as Miami. Reggae superstar, Ky-Mani Marley and Dancehall veteran deejay, Spragga Benz played the roles of the young men in Shottas while the flick also featured legendary Jamaican actor, Paul Campbell and was co-produced by former Fugees rapper, Wyclef Jean.

In the second installment of Shottas, Mavado will star alongside Ky-Mani Marley; this, according to the movie’s director, Cess Silvera, who confirmed the news, via Twitter. So far, there’s no indication of what role Mavado will be playing or the direction that the storyline for the film will take this time.

While no date has been confirmed for the movie’s release, filming for Shottas Too began on April 20.

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