Popcaan bemoans lack of effort within Dancehall industry

Popcaan believes that Dancehall music is missing some creativity and effort as may fans and observers have pointed out that the genre continues to decline

by Jodee Brown

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Popcaan believes there’s something missing from the Jamaican music industry. But to him, the fact that Dancehall’s biggest superstar languishes behind bars is just part of the problem.

Popcaan gave a recent interview on TVJ’s Entertainment Report which aired on Friday; talking about the state of Dancehall music without currently incarcerated superstar deejay and long-time mentor, Vybz Kartel. According to the Only Man She Want deejay, Dancehall lacks energy without its centerpiece attraction.

“Wid no Worl’ Boss around it a go have a different flavor to it because weh Worl’ Boss name? Vybz Kartel so automatically him bring vibes to di ting,” Popcaan said.

However, the self-professed ‘Gaza Prefect’ insists that a much deeper problem exists within the Dancehall community. According to Popcaan, too many artistes aren’t putting enough effort and dedication into making music as well as ensuring that their songs possess the quality and content required to strongly impact the industry.

“Certain artiste more relaxed now and dem nuh hungry fi di ting like one time so you know yuh a go have less hit songs. Di time weh dem wudda tek fi put into a song dem nuh really do it nowadays, most artistes don’t,” he said.

“Yuh cyaah just put out any song. Even if it no be a big hit it fi be a hit weh people can listen to same way. In order fi dat happen, the artiste dem jus’ haffi put out more work and good music fi di people dem.”

To Popcaan, the decline in quality Dancehall music has created a perception that the genre could soon become extinct and without Vybz Kartel in the picture, it adds substance to that premise.

“It shudn’t reach to a time when people a seh Dancehall music dead because with the history of Dancehall music in the past, the future shudda look more brighter. Without the Worl’ Boss around, yuh done know seh automatically it dim,” he said.

“At the end of the day Reggae music still stand out, old Dancehall still stand out….Sommen wrong with the artistes dem nowadays. Mi jus’ feel like dem nah do enough work. Artiste dem jus’ get comfortable.”

Nevertheless, Popcaan continues to flourish within Dancehall music as he continues to promote his recent hit song, Nuh Sell Out, produced by Fire Links. Additionally, he revealed that a new single produced by Supa Hype will be unveiled this weekend.


By TorontoDeejays.com

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