Snoop Dogg filming documentary in Jamaica

by Jodee Brown

Internationally acclaimed hip-hop superstar, Snoop Dogg continues to enjoy his Jamaican adventure and now aims to make a documentary about this experience.

Earlier this month, the California native announced, via his YouTube page, that he would travel to Jamaica to record a single for his upcoming studio album, Reincarnated. While celebrating what would have been Reggae icon’s Bob Marley’s 67th birthday on February 6, Snoop Dogg intimated that the title for said single will be, Reincarnated: Peace, Love and Soul.

Reportedly, Snoop Dogg was doing work at Geejam Studios in Portland; joining Senegalese rappers, Akon as well as Grammy-winning R&B singer, Alicia Keys as international acts recording at the prominent studio complex since the start of 2012.

On February 15, Snoop, his wife, Shante Taylor-Broadus and accompanying entourage visited the Nyabinghi Centre in Montego Bay; seeking authentic material for his new documentary, Snoop In Jamaica which explores the depths of Rastafarian culture.

According to prominent local booking agent, Olimatta Taal during a radio interview on Tuesday, Snoop talked of being strongly influenced by Bob Marley while insisting that he wanted to do the documentary because he wanted to personally understand the concept of Rastafarianism after seeing television shows talking about its origin.

Snoop visited with hundreds of Rastafarians at the centre; meeting with some prominent Rastafarian elders, enjoyed several meals and participated in a ritual as he sought to gauge a full understanding of their standard of living. He was even dubbed with the name, Bahani, which means, “Light.”

Meanwhile, Snoop’s tour across Jamaica took him to Alpha Boys School where he unveiled several gifts for students. Furthermore, he reportedly visited with Maroons in the Portland-based settlement of Moore Town, which also hails as the home of the monument for Jamaica’s national heroine, Nanny.

On Monday night, he was taken to areas such as Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens by Grammy-winning Reggae singjay, Stephen Marley and also talked with Bob Marley’s widow, Rita Marley about his desire to spread knowledge of Rastafarianism and Jamaica’s culture worldwide.


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