Are Beenie Man and D’Angel back together…again?

By Jodee Brown

Just days after reports emerged of a possible reconciliation involving American pop sensations, Chris Brown and Rihanna, it seems as if Dancehall’s most enigmatic power couple may be following suit.

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstars, Beenie Man and D’Angel have endured public ridicule and scrutiny since the latter artiste filed for divorce last summer following a rollercoaster five-year marriage. Both deejays have fired occasional salvos in each other’s direction since the divorce proceedings were publicized, with D’Angel’s former boyfriend,Bounty Killer even weighing in on their break-up, leading to the re-ignition of Beenie’s long-time rivalry with the “War Lord.”

However, online magazine, Urban Islandz now reports that Beenie and D’Angel are indeed getting back together again. The magazine cited a source very close to the former couple who revealed that the two entertainers have been seeing each other privately in order to avoid possible media fallout.

“At the moment they are just keeping things low key, because you know how the media like to twist things up and create drama,” the source intimated.

“If they love each other and have a son together, I don’t see why they can’t choose to stay together despite what other people are saying. They are two adults who can make their own decision.”

Despite the divorce, Beenie and D’Angel have put their differences aside to take care of their son, Marco Dean Davis in an effort to provide him with some stability.

Furthermore, Beenie Man appeared and performed at the launch of D’Angel’s new party series, An’ So Thursdays at the Cookies Nightclub in Portmore.

D’Angel will debut her highly-anticipated book, Love Triangle at the end of this month and will unveil her autobiography, Break Free which is expected, in part, to detail what occurred in her relationships with Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.


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