Stephen Marley plays down Grammy win, hopes state of music industry improves

Stephen Marley has downplayed his recent Grammy win, suggesting that if the award was a part of the main show at the Grammy Awards, it would've meant more Credits:

by Jodee Brown

Internationally acclaimed Reggae superstar, Stephen Marley has a lot or reasons why he should feel happy with his continued success. However, forgive the prominent singer if he’s not totally enthused about his most recent achievement.

Last Sunday, Marley won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album during the 54th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles, California for his album, Revelation Pt. 1: The Root of Life. This marked the artiste’s third career Grammy as a solo artiste and 10th overall, dating back to his days as a member and producer of his older brother’s band, Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers.

Despite this unprecedented accomplishment for a Jamaican artiste, Marley claims that he hasn’t make a big deal about his latest Grammy achievement; implying during an in-depth interview with TVJ’s Entertainment Report that it’s just another footnote in his growing legacy.

“Is not someting dat I tink about. Mi no tink bout the Grammys or any awards for that matter… It’s not that important to me,” he said.

However, Marley, whose award was announced as part of the Grammy pre-telecast show on Sunday afternoon, relents that if the Best Reggae Album award was being handed out during the main show, then such an achievement would have more meaning.

“Yes, that mean wah Steve stand for out deh more, wah other artistes do out deh more,” he said before adding that it would mean great exposure for Reggae music should the award make the main show.

With regards to the state of the local industry, Marley insists that his Grammy-winning album was fueled by the perception that Reggae music has been declining in recent years.

“Di way it come bout was in defense of Reggae music. It was personal in that aspect,” he said.

Additionally, Marley conceded that part of the reason for the music industry’s somewhat declining reputation relates to the slew of bad news that’s surfaced in recent times.

“Just the integrity of our music, the state of the music have good things to report but is kinda like the bad outweigh the good.”

Part two of Marley interview with Entertainment Report’s Anthony Miller will air next Friday.


2 comments on “Stephen Marley plays down Grammy win, hopes state of music industry improves

  1. I have to agree with what he’s saying about the impact of the award for an artist of his caliber. It would mean a whole lot more if it was presented as part of the televised show.
    I would not have known that he won a Grammy if it were not for this article.


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