Black Ryno accuses Popcaan of stealing image


Black Ryno thinks Popcaan has copied his lyrical flow and image to rise to unprecedented succes Credit:

by Jodee Brown

A prominent ex-member of the Portmore Empire believes that emerging Dancehall superstar, Popcaan has been copying his style.

Established Dancehall singjay, Black Ryno insists that Popcaan has emulated his image, lyrical flow and swagger during his recent run to fame. This following several issued lyrical challenges to the Only Man She Want singer; challenges that Popcaan has yet to accept.

In one of Black Ryno’s latest singles, Follow Mi Up, the singjay fires lyrical shots at Popcaan; claiming that the Ravin’ singer hails asan overhyped imitation of what he was during his Portmore Empire days.

Ryno deejays, “Di bwoy run wid mi flow, Yuh gal fren dem seh yuh waan ketch mi smile, Yuh run wid mi plait up and a seh a neva mine, Yuh run wid mi image and yuh a nuh mi chile, Bwoy yuh just a follow mi up, Mi a di original, dem a knock off man, Yuh just a mirror mi bwoy, stop mirror mi nuh,”

In a recent interview with the Jamaica STAR, Black Ryno explained his reasoning for calling Popcaan a copy cat; intimating that he’s not seeking an ongoing feud with his former friend.

“A di first vibes come to me at the studio and mi just work wid it. Wi nah walk round and look no lyrical feud wid no artiste, but wi just do di song. Wi throw the corn and if the fowl waan pick it up, him pick it up. Him copy mi, everybody can see dat man, from the plait up to the dress code. Mi a di original, him a knock off,”he said.

Black Ryno also implied that Popcaan’s been afraid to accept his challenges given his supposed fear of losing.

“Di whole Jamaica nuh see seh him fraid man,” he said.

Meanwhile, Black Ryno continues to try and stamp his authority on Dancehall as his own entity; recently releasing well-received singles such as Rich Mi Seh (featuring Jahvinci) as well as Wine Me and Why Life Nuh Sweet, both produced by Buju Banton’s son, Markus Myrie.

For Ryno, he concedes that life post-Empire has been difficult but thinks that his big breakthrough will soon come.

“Since leaving Gaza things kinda slow down but wi a try set our foundation, a try do our work from scratch.”


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