Elephant Man calls rape allegation a lie, claims it won’t hurt career

Elephant Man Photo

Elephant Man denies rape allegations and says it will likely only have a minor effect on his career progress.

by Jodee Brown

(see the related video here) If you can’t click, the link is http://youtu.be/ZXwY8tulJBE

Internationally-acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Oneil Bryan,more popularly known as Elephant Man continues to speak out against strong allegations that could harm his accomplished career.

On January 30, the prominent deejay was slapped with rape and sexual assault charges stemming from an alleged incident the week prior, involving a 38 year old woman at Elephant Man’s St. Andrew home. Following two days of an international media blitz, the self-professed “Energy God” appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court this past Wednesday, where he received JA$400,000 bail and was issued a May 21 court date in the matter.

Following the hearing, Elephant Man spoke outside the court; insisting that he’d never do anything of such a nature to hurt his fans worldwide. Now, the veteran deejay has spoken out once again; appearing on Saturday’s edition of CVMTV’s OnStage to try and clear his name.

According to Elephant Man, the rape and sexual assault charges are fallacies he’s sure the justice system will acquit him on.

“To how mi love da music hah, nobody at all nah go have it Elephant Man name wud eva get caught up in sommen wicked like dis, where somebody would get up and tell a lie pon me,” he said.

“Mi see some wickedness people seh and try bring towards Elephant Man. No man, no woman can eva seh me, Elephant Man, have a woman problem.”

According to the Pon Di River singer, he was amused when police initially took him in but believes that this is a test that God has put him in.

“Mi a laugh, a look pon di Bible. There’s no way on Earth this could happen

“Dis a one more test [from] Fada God,”  he said.

Elephant Man intimated that this news was hard to swallow for his family but has garnered strong support from them, given that they know his true personality. Furthermore, the artiste, who has an astonishing 20 children and baby mothers each, claimed that they’ve also backed him throughout this ordeal; unperturbed by a public perception that he’s overly promiscuous.

“I tink it’s ok. Bob Marley has a lot of kids. The responsibility comes with taking care of them,”  he said.

“Elephant nuh lick one woman yet. Mi a September man. Mi wud jus’ malice dem.”

As for the impact of these charges going forward, Elephant Man implied that he wouldn’t be surprised if this case never reaches trial.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I would never ever do sommen like dis. I never assaulted that woman. I neva rape no one from mi born.”

Additionally, the eccentric deejay believes that this situation hails as a minor blip in his career progress going forward.

“Why every time my career a gwaan good, why somebody want to be a stumbling block in my career. Mi a show God seh I can tek di burden.”

On a musical front, Elephant Man continues to maintain his international reputation as his collaborative single, Survivor (featuring Bounty Killer) copped spots on the playlists of two American radio stations: Hot 97 (New York) and Hot 97 (Boston). Otherwise, he’s released positively received singles such as the Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor produced, Gal Settings and Show Dem How Fi Dance.

By TorontoDeejays.com

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