Elephant Man charged with rape, sexual assault

elephant man photoBy Jodee Brown

Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Oneil Bryan, more popularly known as Elephant Man has been charged with rape and grievous sexual assault.

According to CVMTV News, the prominent deejay was slapped with the charges after several reports were filed against him last week. As a result, detectives from the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) took Elephant Man into custody in Sunday; questioning regarding several sex-based allegations.

Law enforcement officials claim that the charges stem from an alleged incident involving a woman at his St. Andrew home.

This is the latest in a slew of negative news for the self-proclaimed, Energy God. Last June, the prominent entertainer was arrested at his Hillcrest Avenue residence in St. Andrew after law enforcement officials caught the deejay allegedly using illegal wiring in attempt to steal electricity from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). He has since been charged with abstracting electricity and faces a February 7 court date in that matter.

Additionally, the deejay avoided a lawsuit involving designer who threatened to sue him for not paying off JA$1 million of accumulated debt regarding designer clothing. Immediately after that, he managed to pay half of the money owed.

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French publication labels Vybz Kartel “The White Clown of Kingston”

by Jodee Brown

Embattled Dancehall superstar, Adidja Palmer, more popularly known as Vybz Kartel, has been dubbed several labels, good and bad, since his mainstream debut in 2002. However, a new nickname issued to him by a French publication may just take the cake.

French news agency, Le Monde recently did a feature piece, published on Monday, regarding Vybz Kartel and the growing skin bleaching epidemic in Jamaica. The title for said piece is amazingly titled, Le Clown White De Kingston, or when translated, The White Clown of Kingston.

The article, written by Arnaud Robert cites Kartel as the main reason for the growing skin whitening problem in Jamaica; implying that’s he led locals astray for quite a while now. Robert outlines a night a the formerly known nightclub The Building (now Club Riddim) where several girls with bleached proudly crowded the stage when Kartel entered while a boy grabs a girl as they simulate oral sex.

Robert claims that Kartel, who’s currently incarcerated on murder charges and obstruction of justice charges stemming from separate incidents last summer, triggered his own demise through misogynistic lyrical style; blaming the deejay’s Jamaican fan base for encouraging his behavior.

In an insular argot, (fans) there singing the praises of vodka-apple, grass smoking, gangster’s capitalist and precise p***y pleasing. By expanding his legend of a thug judicial legitimacy, Vybz Kartel has become what he always claimed to be: A scarecrow which an entire country can not detach his eyes,” Robert writes.

Additionally, Robert points to the much talked about University of the West Indies (UWI) visit that Kartel made last March as another example of Kartel’s influence on Jamaican culture. Robert intimates that Jamaica has abandoned the message of “Black Progress” set by Reggae icon, Bob Marley where locals learned to appreciate their culture and color.

When Robert recently interviewed the director of the popular Jamaican film, Better Mus’ Come, Storm Saulter, the filmmaker echoed said sentiment.

“In the 1980s, the influence of the United States turned a certain pride to be black in Jamaica, and even reversed. Today, is the point where it becomes difficult to say to someone who whitens it should be proud of its color. If the Jamaican government had continued to base its exercise of power on our history of former slaves, I do not think we would find so many people to whiten the skin. It would be socially condemned. We are the children of this Americanization. We are the children of MTV, ” Saulter said.

Prior to his September 2011 arrest, Robert interviewed Kartel about accusations that he has negatively influenced Jamaican culture.

In a defiant tone, the Portmore Empire leader responded“People’s minds are easy to control. People need to fear something. They want puzzles; they want the scandal and controversy. And I filled the mission. “

Kartel continues, “Even if I could be as white Eminem and I my hair straightener, I would stay a Black. I am black. The rest is the entertainment, the show. I’m not a political leader, religious or social. I get paid to entertain. It has nothing to see with racism, a hatred for the black race or any psychological analysis that claims that I want to be white. Vybz Kartel is smart enough to know it’s impossible. I’d have to change my DNA. And in the current state of science is impossible. “

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A Copyright Quickie: Canada Is About To Pass Sopa’s Evil Little Brother. Politely.

by Julian Finn

I’m a Canadian.

We’re a quiet bunch; prone to enjoying hockey, drinking stronger beer than our friends south of the border, and lovers of fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy.

We also, apparently, have an inferiority complex when it comes to being evil dirt bags, because we’ve decided to pass our very own version of SOPA up here.

Only better*

Meet Bill-C11. Formerly Bill C-32. (I think they thought if they made the number lower people would care less about it?)

Or as we call it up here; Her Royal Majesty V, Zzzzzzz

We like our politics dry up here.

But, as innocuous as it sounds, C-11 does a whole lot that SOPA did with a few extra twists you might not find in the Wikipedia write-up.

Like your PVR? You can’t keep it under C-11.

Like ripping CDs to your iPod? Say bye-bye.

Hey, do you want to be able to unlock your $500 smartphone and take it to a provider less dedicated to violating your wallet? That won’t be allowed either.

Did you get accused of internet piracy but no evidence has been presented and a trial date hasn’t even been set? Under C-11 your ISP will now be forced to terminate your internet access.

And people say that governments can’t be bought.

We’re not going to get Google or Wikipedia to go dark up here. We don’t have as robust a tech industry to act as a public counterbalance to entertainment industry interests. We have a Prime Minister (that’s  French for Dear Leader under the current regime) who doesn’t give a suckling goat what the people think about his policies.

But we do have a lot more recourse in our political system to make politicians pay than our Yankee brethren do. (Yes I know I just insulted everyone south of the Mason Dixon line. I’m sorry. You trying caring about foreign geographical terminology when every person you’ve ever met from a particular country still thinks it’s the height of hilarity to ask if you live in an igloo.) We have things like votes of no confidence that can really bugger up a sitting House member’s day.

So, if you’re Canadian, or you’re friends with a Canadian, or you just really like bacon, click the link at the bottom of this article and share it with as many people as you can.

We can’t afford to lose on this one, Canada.


Winners Go Home And Fuck The Prom Queen

-Sean Connery

And he would know.

*And by better, I mean shockingly, horrifyingly worse.


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Updated 10:10 PM Mountain Time

For those who are complaining that C-11 as written isn’t SOPA-like enough to warrant this comparison, please read http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/6257/125/ before commenting. Things have changed drastically with respect to this bill in the last week; the really ugly stuff (which has been publicly discussed by members of the C-11 committee.) is in the unpublished modifications in the wake of SOPA’s defeat stateside.

More herehere and here.


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Mavado showing peace sign for 2012

Mavado Speaks About the Death of His Friend at the Quad Nightclub

Mansion Records CEO Mavado Hopes That Justice Will Be Done

I David Brooks wish to make the following statement:

Mavado showing peace sign for 2012On the 13th June 2011, arising out of an incident which took place at the Quad Nightclub in New Kingston where Conroy Edwards aka “Connie” was fatally shot whilst being unarmed.

To date, this matter continues to be the subject of investigations with the lapse of seven (7) months.

The matter became one of public interest to the extent that one of the major news stations, TVJ, has featured video clips of the part of the incident leading up to the shooting of Conroy. This feature formed part of its 2011 Year in Review Highlights.

As a witness to the incident and a Jamaican citizen who is committed to the rule of law, it has caused me great concern that, what I, in my humble view, see as a clear case of homicide, has failed to result in an arrest thus far. Myself, along with five (5) other persons who were eyewitnesses to the incident, have carried out our civic duties by giving statements to the police. I attended the Constant Spring Police Station immediately after the incident where I gave my eyewitness statement to the police about the shooting I witnessed and about the assault on me.

A determination of this matter, which we understand was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for a ruling, is anxiously being awaited.

It is no secret that allegations made against me led to my arrest within hours after the said June 13, 2011 incident and subsequently to me being charged for assault. However, contrastingly, the person against whom statements were given, a serving member of the JCF, has yet to be arrested. How could this happen? I was assaulted first by the police officer, I reported the incident first and subsequently was arrested first. Connie was killed while being unarmed. I have deliberately kept my silence for the last seven (7) months, but the time has come for me to go public with the hope that justice will be done.

-David Brooks (Mavado)

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Mr. G claims Cham is ungrateful towards Bounty Killer

Veteran Dancehall deejay, Chad Simpson, more popularly known as Mr. G has called out former stable mate, Cham following recent comments the artiste made about him, Red Rat and Alliance leader, Bounty Killer.

Baby Cham gave an interview on OnStage on January 14 where spoke about the success of his hot new single, Wine as well as the role of long-time mentor, Bounty Killer in building his career. During the interview, Cham claimed that during the late 90s, he had bigger hits than Bounty Killer associates, Mr. G and Red Rat but didn’t rise to prominence as quickly due to lack of promotion. Additionally, Cham claimed that Bounty Killer assisted in his career as built his way toward mainstream success in the early 2000s and beyond.

Responding to Cham’s claims, Mr. G, formerly known as Goofy, Cham singer has always been jealous of he and Red Rat’s successes.

“How Baby Cham fi talk say inna 1996-7, him have bigger songs than Rat and me by far, but the only thing him never get was promotion, and how much him never get the highlight even though he was bigger than me and Rat. Cham is nothing but a red-eye guy, me and Rat was the pacesetters, we do the ting, travel out the world and been traveling. Him need to understand him little self and him fi know anything ah anything,” he said.

Mr. G also implied that Cham has become ungrateful towards Bounty Killer for the role that the War Lord played in his success.

“Bounty never just assist, him buss Cham to the world, him introduce him to the world and bawl out him name mek people know him, Cham need fi know say him and Dave Kelly ride pon Bounty Killer bandwagon, and him probably woulda never buss without Bounty Killer,” he said.

Mr. G became renowned in 90s for singles like Fudgy and Buff Bay while showcasing more recent hits like Swaggerific, We Neva Like Dem First and Clean Everyday alongside Beenie Man. Red Rat, though out of the spotlight in recent years, remains known for several hit singles including Tight Up Skirt, No Live No Weh and Shelly Ann.

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